Head Snowboards are all about the people who use their innovative and high quality products. Working with their pro riders, Head gains an insight into what snowboarders really need.

With the input of engineers and production experts Head has made strides in snowboard technology. Space age technology such as intellifibres give Head a superior ride that’s affordable.

Head are also involved in sharing their knowledge with retailers and snowboard schools in order to benefit the whole snowboard industry. They call it the intelligence loop where “passion from riding meets technology making a product that rides better". This combination of passion, technology and intelligence are a winning formula for Head.

We took a tour round their stand to see what they had in store for 2016.


Last years Head Instinct i. Kers was a souped up version of the previous years. As the saying goes 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' and the Instinct definitely ain't broke.

The Instinct has a hybrid all-mountain profile with a directionally set stance to keep the nose from diving. Similarly to last year, it has the KERS chip that detects the amount of chatter in the board and adjusts the stiffness to get the best performance.

The custom designed Framewall technology delivers knee saving shock absorption and power distribution to ensure you have control of your stick as well as getting the most responsive ride.


The day has come for Head Snowboards to turn their attention to building a powder floater for the ages. The Day it is!

The new whip from Head is a hybrid powder stick with ready-split technology. That line running down the middle is so if you want to chop it up to make a splitboard, you cut on the right line to make sure you don't damage the core.

It has a long pointed spoon nose to give you extra lift in the deep, but a short pintail to keep it snappy. Coupled with camber under foot, you've still got some serious edge hold when you need it.


The Disrupt is a new model from Head Snowboards aimed at the jibbers and sliders of the snowboard world.

With a hybrid jib shape, it comes with a lightweight polar corse to get maximum pop, but a low swing weight for the 270's on. Basalt stringers strengthen the board so you can gap to your hearts content, safe in the knowledge it's not going to snap.

A true twin shape with hardened sidewalls keep is safer than Alcatraz on any urban missions you undertake.


The park orientates Force i. Kers snowboard from Head is a cambered board, designed to keep the park hitters laying punches all day.

The basalt stringers laid laterally mean the board is responsive underfoot, and when load up the tail with force, it'll replicate it back out when you pop.

As with the Instinct, the Force comes with a Kers chip to adjust the stiffness of the board depending on the chatter you're getting underfoot.

Be warned though, the Force isn't for Padawan's. You'll need to be a confident and aggressive rider to get the most from this cambered killer.


The Libra Hope is here to liberate the ladies from all-mountain mediocrity - the hybrid profiled weapon is made from a composite graphene material. This is not only an incredibly light material, but structurally tough to handle all the vigour of all terrain riding.

Graphene has been developed by the Head Alpine Ski team, and has been applied to womens anthropometrics to add extra hold and edge control where its needed.


The Daymaker will make your day if you're into aggressive sidecuts, hybrid profiles and and directional shapes.

Head Snowboards' have built the Daymaker to eat up terrain, every damn day. The aggressive sidecut with a narrowed centre, like a race board gives you progressive edge hold for nimble turning at high speeds.

This is also super nifty for rotation initiation; as soon as you load the board up with power to spin, it transfers that energy straight into the boards torsional flex.


Starting on the left here we've got the Rush - is a rocker shaped pow rider that's floaty and forgiving.

Then in the middle - a step up to the Reveal Rocka. A snowboard with Framewall tech for easy riding across the mountain - lift in the powder and butter in the park.

Then on the right - She's Good. Updated for a 2016 version, it's Flocka shape is versatile, forgiving and poppy - and is bound to be a common sight in the park for women looking to up their freestyle game.


The NX Three welcomes any type of rider with its polyurethane highback keeping it comfy and lose for a surf like feeling in the park.

It has responsive baseplate that's forgiving so you don't have any unexpected trips to the hospital if it all goes wrong.

It's a unisex binding so man, woman or child can take it on if they dare.


If you're more mach-10 than mooching down the blues, then this is the ladies binding for you. The NX Fay III from Head Snowboards is for advanced girls who want to rip.

It's effectively the same at the NX Three Unisex model, but with some structural differences to make it more suitable for the ladies. The way that weight is distributed is different for men and women, and this binding capitalises on that by distributing energy into different parts of the board when attached.


The Seven Boa from Head Snowboards more resembles a catsuit than it does a boot. With minimal stitching using advanced fabrics made for waterproofness - it means it's one of Head's most tech boots.

The BOA instep grasp locks your foot into the boot, whilst the ankle strap on the outerboot drives your heel into the back of the boot for a precise and quick fit.

The Ninja Pro Sole creates a lot of friction with baseplates so that any minute manoeuvres are transferred into your binding.


The Six Boa is the model down from the Seven Boa - it's more suited to intermediate and advanced riders, with a slightly softer flex and less performance orientated fit.

It doesn't have as much forward lean in the slab of the boot meaning a forgiving, yet responsive feel to the pair. They're pretty nifty for hiking due to this and the heat formable inner means comfort out of the box.


The womens Five Boa from Head comes with a shock absorbent eva sole, that takes the vibration out of riding challenging terrain. Whilst they're aimed at a beginner to intermediate rider, they're still responsive when you put weight into them.

The forgiving flex is countered by a mellow forward lean, so whilst they might not be as stiff as some other models, they'll still aim you in the right direction when it comes to body position.

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