We just came across this edit which was filmed entirely with an iPhone. Could using your iPhone provide a new alternative to a GoPro or other POV camera?

Hitcase recently sent us this iPhone case. We do not know if the edit above used anything like this but we thought it would be a good time to review it.


So, what is a Hitcase Pro? Basically it is an iPhone case which is supposed to be waterproof, shockproof and mountable. When it came round to testing it no one wanted to drop their iPhone's so we have just taken the manufacturers word for it!

On their website it says that the lens on the case will double the effective field of view. We tested this with our Deputy editor Tristan...


You can clearly see that the lens actually does really increase the field of view, this is perfect for shooting snowboarding.

Hitcase Pro Out Of The Box

When it comes to mounting your iPhone, the Hitcase Pro comes with a tripod mount and a helmet mount. Not sure if you will want to be riding about with an iphone on your helmet but I am sure people said the same thing when the GoPro first came out.

Helmet Mount and Tripod Mount

This is the edit which is on Hitcase's website. When you look at this you wouldn't really be able to tell that it was not filmed with a dedicated POV camera.

So is this a viable option as a cheaper alternative to the GoPro? The Hitcase Pro comes in at around £86 so this is a lot cheaper than buying a brand new GoPro. And when you look at the quality that the iPhone can produce it is not bad at all, maybe in the near future new iPhone's will be able to match the quality of a GoPro. Will we see the day where an iPhone can replace cameras like GoPro's? What do you think?