GoPro Hero 4


GoPro lovers unite, here are some speculated pictures and specs of the highly anticipated follow up to the Hero 3+: the GoPro Hero 4.

We're not entirely sure of their accuracy, but as many sources are putting the release date of the new action cam at either the 30th September or 8th October it won't be too long until we know for sure.

GoPro hero 4 Black


Resolution: Effectively doubling the efforts of the Hero 3+, it's more than likely that the Hero 4 will shoot full ultra-HD 4K at 30ps, making this a viable option for shooting quality video. 2K shooting will probably be at 60fps!

Slo-Mo: Shooting at 1080p will likely be at 120fps, but whereas earlier rumours suggested 240fps would be possible at 720p, apparently this might not be the case. Still, this is unconfirmed, we're hoping full slo mo will be possible - 240fps turns one second into ten!

Increased control: One for the video nerds (like us) - the new Hero 4 might come with manual controls to limit exposure and ISO settings, bringing the power of the GoPro closer to that of DSLRs. If this is correct, it's a game-changer.

GoPro Hero 4 Silver


Whereas the introduction of the three price point GoPro saw the Silver Editions slightly improve on the work of the previous model, this looks to start diverging from the Black with a built in LCD touch-screen.

Other than that it'll most likely feature similar specs to the GoPro Hero 3+ Black: 4K at 15fps, 2K at 30fps, 1080p at 60 etc etc...

Stay tuned for more news! Though if form factor is your thing then CONTOUR just released their competitor: the ROAM 3.


NB. These are a mix of rumours and leaks for the super secret GoPro Hero 4 taken from this Reddit thread.