Back in October last year, GoPro switched their game up: just after the stunning, top-of-the-range HERO 4 Black and Silver editions were launched, they followed up with a direct assault on their low price-point competitors in the form of the HERO, a no-frills version of the famous action cam that does the job for the majority of consumers for £99.

Impressive stuff, but what if you wanted something slightly in between the budget Hero and the LCD mid-range Silver? Something that has a screen and a few beefed up stats but still won't break the bank. Well, today they introduced the GoPro HERO+ LCD, and it's exactly what it says on the tin.

Featuring a built in touch screen (that also allows you to trim video clips in camera, a first for GoPro, though it will be available on the silver as an update in the summer) and a few extras like faster frame rates (60fps at 1080, no sign of 120fps at 720 though) and better still image quality, the HERO+ LCD will be out in the States at the end of the week, though won't be available in Europe until the 12th July.

But where the no-frills HERO really wonn was on the pricce - it was a hell of a lot of camera for under a hundred pounds. Although there's no official British/Euro price out yet, Americans will be able to get one for around $300, or more than double its predecessor, actually putting it closer to the $400 HERO Silver.

So will it be worth it? If we had too give an honest answer, probably not. We've tried (and as a consequence own) a HERO 4 Silver and the LCD screen does make a huge difference when using it for follow cams and aligning shots quickly. But if we were going to stump up that kind of cash we'd probably go in with a little more for the whole array of extra features like 120fps shooting and 2K resolution. It also puts it in direct competition with other cameras like the Drift Ghost-S (£249) and the Sony AS200V (£319 + £99 LCD attachment) who also feature LCD screens.