It's that time of year again - GoPro has just announced their new HERO7 action camera, released in three different models: the premium GoPro HERO7 Black (£379.99), the mid-range GoPro HERO7 Silver (£279.99) and the more budget-friendly GoPro HERO7 White (£179.99), all due for release on the 27th September 2018.

new gopro hero7 hero 7 black action camera preview review
  • GoPro HERO7 Black
  • MAX RESOLUTION: 4K @60fps
  • MAX FRAMERATE: 240fps @1080p
  • PHOTOS: 12MP

The first impressions are something, with the GoPro HERO7 Black retaining a similar form-factor to the previous edition, but coming in a sleek matte black finish, with the 'Black 7' insignia on the side. The front and back dual displays are still there, and while the resolution and framerate specs haven't taken their usual bump with the new model, GoPro are claiming some pretty wild in-camera stabilisation. Just check out the video below:

The new GoPro HERO7 comes with what they're calling HyperSmooth. We're guessing it works via a mixture of optical and digital stabilisation techniques, but from the promo vids it looks to offer a similar level of video stabilisation as their Karma Grip gimbal, just without the gimbal. If this is true it's potentially game-changing, as the worst thing about average GoPro footage was shaky video - the Karma was a solution, but a bulky and expensive one. This brings buttery-smooth video to anyone with a spare £400.

"This brings buttery-smooth video to anyone with a spare £400"

Whilst this journalist hasn't had his hands on one yet, a colleague has been testing one for the last month and says that the quality of the stabilisation is 'unreal'.

So what else is new? There's also what GoPro is calling TimeWarp, essentially an in-camera hyperlapse function that brings the same stabilisation to timelapses, meaning you can move and pan the camera through an environment to create a magic carpet effect.

SuperPhoto seems to be a beefed-up AI that analyses a photo's subjects to get the lighting and exposure right without fiddling around in the menus, and the GoPro HERO7 now can shoot portrait mode videos without having to flip footage in post, making it easier to capture content for Instagram stories and other vertical video platforms.

Otherwise, it still has a maximum resolution of 4K video at 60fps, aka Ultra4K, and a maximum frame rate of 240FPS at 1080p, full HD. We're not sure as of yet if the max res and fps will work with HyperSmooth.

new gopro hero7 hero 7 silver action camera preview review
  • GoPro HERO7 Silver
  • MAX RESOLUTION: 4K @30fps
  • MAX FRAMERATE: 60fps
  • PHOTOS: 10MP

This new mid-range GoPro - the HERO7 Silver - seems to be focused on producing 4K footage on a (relative) budget. It lacks the stabilisation and slo-mo capabilities of the range's new big brother, but still can capture 4K footage at 30fps.

"Both GoPro HERO7 Silver and HERO7 White have ditched the front-facing display in favour of simply using the already great rear touchscreen"

It would seem it's aimed more at backpacker filmmakers, or even someone who wants a more than decent camera for general holiday use. The arguement in recent years has been to sway more towards using phones for this purpose, but whilst smartphone camera tech is insane these days, so too are the prices. £279 for good 4K video is a big statement considering the latest iPhone Xs starts at £1000. 

The most noticeable feature is the all-new form factor - both GoPro HERO7 Silver and HERO7 White have ditched the front-facing display in favour of simply using the already great rear touchscreen.

The colour names finally actually mean something, with the two lower-priced GoPros coming in, d'uh, silver and white respectively. 

new gopro hero7 hero 7 white action camera preview review
  • GoPro HERO7 White
  • MAX RESOLUTION: 1080 @60fps
  • PHOTOS: 10MP

Finally, the GoPro HERO7 White looks aimed at someone who basically just wants a GoPro, with £180 being - in our opinion - a very reasonable price for a camera of this quality.

It lacks 4K, topping out at 1080p, and the 60fps at this res is also the max, so not much has changed in terms of spec since the earliest editions. However, it does come equipped with the newest features including voice control, smartphone connectivity and case-less waterproofing – just like the more expensive versions. And the image quality will still likely improve compared to past models as the sensor's dynamic range and colour science have evolved too. GoPro's budget cameras are usually a very safe bet, especially for beginners.

So, have GoPro's woes from their Karma drone and share price fiascos finally been cured? Only time will tell, but we're as excited as anything to try the new GoPro HERO7 Black out ASAP! Check back soon for our full review.