gnu cover ispo 2015
In 1977 a young Mike Olson shocked the world/his High School when instead of making a clock or a ornamental vase in his DT class, he decided to make a snowboard!

Undeterred by their reactions - Mike and his friend Pete Saari decided to drop out of college in ’84 to start their own snowboard company and Gnu snowboards was born.

Nowadays Gnu make boards with some of the finest quality materials and technology in the game - and we've got a whole heap of new ones for you too see right here.

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If you can't tell from looking - Gnu's Zoid is just a little bit asymmetrical!

You've gotta buy specific to your stance with this one, so there's goofy or regular version of this All Mountain whip in two choices of length - 158 for the men, and 149 for women.

It's a mid flex ride, with hybrid camber - and looks like it's going to be hella fun if you're after something different.


Snowboards have never existed in a bubble - and there's no prizes for guessing that this All Mountain retro cruiser is inspired directly by their boards from the past.

Fully directional, with a hybrid camber and a mid-stiff flex - this has got to be an option for people looking to point that sharp nose, and get in touch with their turns!


National Park graphics, and a collab with Pendleton (who make blankets)? Yea the Gnu Beauty & Beast boards are pretty out there!

These powder boards and splits are directional twin powder surfers, with mid-stiff flex to take you back to nature. Whether you unleash the beast, or just hike pretty lines is completely down to you...


Forest Bailey has got some pretty significant lines going this year - and for Gnu, there's three Pro boards coming your way. First up - the Gnu Headspace.

This is without a doubt the jib stick. Twin flexing, soft and jibby witha hybrid profile - it's going to be coming in at a cheaper price point to help out those who don't have huge wads of cash to blow - just like Forest when he first started.


The rocket ship has landed - but only for a short time...

Forest's pow stick looks set to take off again at any given moment. With a hybrid profile, directional shape and mid flex. It's unmistakeably made for that deep snow, just watch you don't lose yourself when you're floating out there...


Noticing a theme yet?

Forest Bailey rounds off his collection for this year with the Spacecase - his go to ride and all mountain whip.

With an asymmetrical shape and mid flex, this looks set to tackle the whole lot - first the moon, then Olympus Mons...


With options for both men and women (shown above) - Gnu's Smart Pickle is an asymmetric ride that follows the natural contours of your body.

Under the colourful top sheet lies a soft all mountain board with a forgiving reverse camber profile - and we're reliably told these are super easy to ride.


Jamie Anderson's board for this season - the Gnu Ladies Choice comes in two flavours. The limited edition Jamie Lynn graphic shown here on the left, and a standard Sarah King graphic (the one with the wolfy vibe above).

Asymmetrical (as many of Gnu's boards are this year) - it comes with a hybrid profile, mid flex, and will happily take you all over the mountain!


Gnu's best selling riders choice comes with a tidy handful of three graphic options for this year - with the natural wood finish on the right celebrating the Aspen core.

Other than the visuals, they're all the same beast however, with asymmetrical shapes, mid flex and an overall all mountain vibe.


No doubt many of you are familiar with the graphic on Danny Kass' board this year - and it comes in collaboration with US punk band The Misfits, which is sure to be a big selling point for many fans.

Under the skulls its's breaking the asym trend with a true twin shape - paired up with reverse camber and mid flex in another all mountain banger!


From Danny's pro model - to the board he started on. The Carbon Credit offers an easy, jibby, and most importantly fun board whether you're just starting out or have been going at this snowboarding thing for a while.

Its true twin shape comes with a reverse camber profile, all mountain focus, and versatile mid-flex!