Swiss snowboard guru Nicolas Müller's move from Burton to Gnu earlier this year was one of the bigger sponsor shifts of recent days. Things have been quiet from him since, and besides cropping up in the odd ReLAAXed, Station To Station or Crap Show episode (anything that gets filmed in his native Laax, basically), he's not given us much Müller to mull over.

That's all changed now though; here's the man himself announcing the Gnu Müllair, his first pro model at his new home. It's not on sale yet, but will be available as an early release model in 2016.

The mental graphics are pretty typical for the brand, but less so for Nico. Everything else is him all over though - it's a directional powder weapon, and environmentally-friendly to boot.

He also touches on his upcoming movie project, Fruition, before signing off in classic Müller style. Arigato to you too sir.