Check out this promo vid we just got from Forsake shoes.

The guys over at Forsake have noticed a gap in the market. They reckon there's room in the shops for a hiking boot that doesn't look like the love-child of a pile of Gore-Tex and a turd-coloured brick. And they've got a point. It seems that if you're not wearing snowboard boots you have to choose between naff waterproofs or wet feet in your noticeably porous skate shoes. From the look of their videos and their website these shoes are pretty sick, and I'd personally much rather wear these than anything I've ever seen in Millets.

But their project isn't guaranteed to come to life yet: they're live on Kickstarter, where they're trying to crowd-source their start-up money. Head over to their website to pledge some money, and in return you not only help a promising start-up get out there, but also get a pair from their first commercial production run.