Flow started out as a binding company but now make a full range of boards, bindings and boots. For over 15 years Flow has delivered product with an original style that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Flow is the originator of "speed entry" bindings which were once seen as gimmick but are now widely considered as one of the most innovative and useful binding innovations in the history of snowboarding. Neil Pryde and Reinhardt Hansen started Flow as they wanted to make snowboard bindings, more comfortable and easier to use.

With Flow bindings the highback pivots down so you can slide your foot in rather than having to mess around doing up ratchets when you want to drop in and go ride. This innovative and original approach to making snowboard gear has seen Flow go on to become one of the top global hardgoods brands and if you’re looking for bindings that make strapping in easy then Flow make the bindings for you.

We took a whirl around their 2015 2016 offerings for your viewing pleasure.

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Flow-BlackOut-Snowboard-2015-2016 (1)

If your style can be summed up by the thought of Johnny Cash on his way to a funeral, you're gonna get along with the Blackout from Flow Snowboards.

The Batman inspired stick is a direction twin stick with a cambered profile designed to unleash havoc and a new dark age on any terrain you touch. If you're looking for a cruisey board that'll snuggle with you in the night and bring you breakfast in bed, there are probably better options, but if you're looking to consume terrain on a quadrax carbon bat out of hell ride, this is your weapon.


Channel your inner 1950's big wave surfer with the Darwin from Flow Snowboards. There's something about woodgrain topsheets that makes us think of 1950 old school surfing gun on the Hawaiian North Shore, and the Darwin gives us that vibe all over again.

Whilst you might be tempted to do your best Markus Keller impression in the pipe, you'd probably be better off sticking to the terrain that the Darwin is designed for; deep, deep powdery goodness.


Flow's offering in the split-board department is the Solitude snowboard that has more sides than Dr Jekyll after 8 pints. It has a pow cam shape which means it's optimised for the steep and deep, whilst the direction shape takes care of any nosedive/submarine issues you might have.

The Solitude comes with a graphite base, which in all honesty we're not sure what it does, but graphite is an incredible versatile material with incredible strength. What this means for you is a base tougher than your average PTex. Did someone say no more core shocks?


The Jewel is Flow Snowboarding's....jewel in the crown in terms of playful rides for women. The i-rock shape is a hybrid rocker profile designed to keep the fun, but eliminate those pesky edge catches.

It's a true twin all-mountain stick, but you can still slay some park dragon if you so wish thanks to the super responsive and poppy core. The camber starts just before the binding which means you've got Xavier de la Rue like grip no matter the conditions.


Flow's offerings for the first time lady shredder is the Silhouette snowboard that comes with more certified fun than a drunken bouncy castle session. It has a flat profile with a slight rocker in the tip and tail to avoid those nasty edge catches that can put an abrupt halt to not only your riding, but to your stokeometer.


The Fuse is your one stop shop to a mid-flexing binding that'll serve you well across the mountain. Whilst it's not gonna it'll you charge Alaskan faces at mach 10 too easily, it is a nifty set of straps to have if you're looking for a fun binding that won't break the bank

Flow us a glass-filled nylon composite material to sculpt their bindings, this gives the binding their unique flex and when combined with the 2.5 degree canted footbeds - it means it's a solid mid-level binding for the progressive rider.


If you're looking for a bit more charge storage than the aforementioned Fuse binding, the NX2-GT from Flow might well be the diamond in the rough that you're looking for.

With an alloyed aluminium baseplate and highback, it means that any shifts in kinetic energy from your upper body and legs are transferred through the rigid material and into the board.

What you're left with is an all-mountain machine that'll demolish any terrain you take them on, although we reckon if you're looking for a park and pipe set of straps, you might be better off looking at other items in the range.


The Juno is a new product in the range from Flow snowboarding for ladies' who are looking for a cruisey binding that'll put a smile on your face.

Made with the same glass-filled nylon that the Fuse is made from, it gives the same loose feeling whilst still keeping an eye on performance. As with all Flow bindings, it comes with the rear entry system that's quicker than Usain Bolt after 6 McNuggets.


Whilst the Helios boots from Flow Snowboarding won't turn you into a sun god, they will help you reach your peak shred potential. The Boa system keeps with Flow's seeming no-faff policy of getting onto the mountain as quick as possible.

The Vibram last keeps the boot fairly stiff when combined with the backslab meaning it's a nice boot to have for those midflex moments of tweak.


Sink your claws into the Talon Focus; the pinnacle of Flow Snowboarding's boot range with more tech than the Tokyo rail service. Once again, it uses the boa closure system to keep things rapid in the mornings, and tight all day.

Flow uses what they call OC Kush Dampening in the soles of the boots, which means any chatter from the terrain your riding doesn't sneak itself into your bones and knees. Nifty eh?


Send yourself to the interstellar with the Lunar from Flow Snowboarding. Their lightest womens' boot comes choc-a-bloc with weight saving technology that makes the Atkins diet look like gluttony. With a two point closure system, your heel will be locked in long after you legs have given up on you.

One system locks the heel into the rear of the boot, drawing your toes back from toe-box meaning you can size own for a performance fit if you so fancy. Topped on with the Boa closure system, you've got yourself a set of kicks more secure than Fort Knox.