Electric is a global premium lifestyle brand with roots in southern California’s rich action sports and music culture. Electric’s approach, which is based around the core principles of style, quality and function, has earned the brand a solid fan base and a great reputation.

Founded in 2000 by Kip Arnette, Bruce Beach (could the founder of a surf company have a more suitable name?!) and Mike Carter, Electric have been making premium products for over a decade. Beginning in San Clemente, California Electric is now a global brand popular in the US of A, Europe, Australia and Japan.

They've got some truly unique items to look out for this year - so have a scroll!

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Inspired by 1960 counterculture, these motorcycle inspired helmets are pretty much in their own category when it comes to snowboarding lids.

With venting that flows through from the brow to the rear, and a perfect fit with the RIG series goggles (all Electric goggles are compatible) - they're keeping it high tech as well as making a statement.


Before you ask - yes that is a visor that you can see through - so you could be riding down the hill next season with one of these on your dome!

Daft Punk stylings with UV protection, in a bubble shield that rotates up and out of the way. Bizarre? Undoubtedly. But brilliantly unique too...


On the more traditional side of Electric's helmet line is the Saint - a multi impact peaked lid with an exact fit for their goggle line.

Built with an inner 'goggle garage' you'll have your choice of how to wear that goggle strap too, thanks to the removable foam section in the liner. And those earpads will come off too so you can stay comfortably warm all season long.


Between Electric's EG2 and EG3.5 goggles there are two framed and two frameless variations this year. We'll be starting off with the EG2 - Electric call them 'your widescreen HDTV for the mountain...

These large oversized frames come with a free bonus lens, and pack both anti fog and anti scratch coating into their dual layers. Perfect for that fishbowl vibe - in some classically stylish looking colourways.


Scale down from the EG2's and Electric has on offer the EG2.5. All the tech found in it's bigger brother, but specifically to cater for those of you who prefer or need a smaller fit.

Catch our review of last year's EG2.5s here


First up of the frameless Electric goggles is the EG3 - essentially the frame-free equivalent of the EG2, but also squeezing in tech like their 'Press Seal' lens change system for easy switching when the light changes. These are the top dog pick in their range!


Add .5 to the EG3s and what do you get?

The smaller face-fitting version of the very same thing of course! All the same tech, but in shape that won't obscure your lovely facial features if you are of a smaller facade.


Take a break from bowl shape lenses - and you'll find yourself in cylindrical territory with the EGV. A classic retro looking frame with a modern fit for maximum peripheral vision.

These have a medium fit, free bonus lens, and the same anti fog and anti scratch coating that you'll find ll over the EG range.


Kids need rad goggles too! And these EGV.K small frames certainly fit the criteria!

Dual layered cylindrical lenses, and helmet compatible with much of the similar lens tech as their adult counterpart - this is one item we're guessing they probably won't want to grow out of...


Cylindrical old schoolers meet modern frameless tech in the EGX goggles.

Essentially another variation on EG3s, these have the same 'Press Seal' system to keep those lenses in place - they've just hybridised the EGV silhouette to 'bring the future of goggle tech to a classic frame'.


Electric's take on outrigger style goggles are the aptly named RIG models.

Designed to elevate pressure caused by helmet to goggle interference, they redistribute the tension across the face of the goggle, and away from the temples.

The original RIG's are the oversized version with a cylindrical mold injected lens and top of the line lens tech.


Articulated outriggers are for everyone - as the smaller RIG.5 proves...

Once more these are a helmet specialist - made to be the most comfortable facial fit even with the added pressures of a strap extended around your lid.


Not one to limit themselves - Electric have put out a range of luggage with their helmets and goggles for next season. Starting off with this classy looking snowboard pack.


You need something swish to transport all those new threads and accessories right?

Well Electric have it covered with these wheely luggage items for when you're in transit. 'Cos let's face it - unless you're on the snow, everything's that little bit easier with wheels.


Well that's a wrap for Electric's 2015 2016 collection!

But before we go - here's one last item for the table - a fully equipped board bag (again on wheels, phew...) for everything you need to fit in and then get moving. Looks like this has plenty of space for all those little extras (or if you're just sneaking everything into one luggage item on your next flight).