Serge Dupraz must feel a little short-changed these days - whilst the rest of the industry spent years churning out all mountain twin tips, Dupraz Snowboards have been making long and wide carvers for over two decades now, and now the fashion has swung right to where the big D (!) has been sitting for all that time, there's barely a nod extended to the originator.

However, you don't do anything for twenty years without getting really, really good at it, and when our editor-in-chief strapped into one at the recent Avant Premiere board test it was all we could do tear him kicking and screaming away from it. More on that in our gear guide out this autumn.

"When our editor strapped into one at a recent board test it was all we could do tear him kicking and screaming away from it"

So, slightly odd French vibes aside ("Every D Is A Happy D" is not the best slogan we've ever seen), we've yet to find someone who's ridden one and not had the time of their lives on it. Based on what we've seen so far, 2017/18 might just be their year!

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Dupraz 5'5" Snowboards 2017-2018


Dupraz 6' Snowboards 2017-2018


Dupraz 6' Snowboards 2017-2018