Starting out making bindings, Drake have recently moved into the world of snowboard manufacturing and are committed to providing great products for all standards of rider. Not to be confused with the shit Canadian R&B ‘rapper’ of the same name, Drake are actually an Italian snowboard and binding brand based in the dolomites.

Drake is part of the Northwave family which has been around since 1991. Drake is based in the heart of Northern Italy’s famous bootmaking region, and Northwave began making boots after years of building performance footwear. Seeing as though you need more than boots to go snowboarding (the board and bindings help…) Northwave started Drake in order to make high quality, yet affordable bindings and boards.

Drake has over ten years of experience and all their products are designed with input from their team riders. Drake bindings and boards are built to last and they must defiantly take a beating from team riders Antti Autti and Victor De La Rue who push snowboarding to its limits. Drake also supports the first ever Olympic halfpipe gold medallist Gian Simmen.

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The Team snowboard is one of Drake's most loved and respected snowboards in the line, with traditional camber and a highly responsive flex pattern making it perfect for riders looking to go big or go home.

The Team features a blunted directional twin shape and is packed with a whole load of tech, including carbon rods and a sintered base so you can count on it to handle any type of terrain. Victor de le Rue uses this board for everything from sending it off backcountry booters to charging big mountain lines in Alaska, so you know it's been built to take a beating.


The Drake Squad and League snowboards aren't quite as tech as the Team but are still rock-solid all mountain boards aimed squarely at riders looking for a quiver killer.

Of the two, the Squad has a slightly more responsive flex, and a playful flat profile, giving you both pop and forgiveness. The League is slightly softer, and combined with its continuum rocker profile, is definitely aimed at a more entry-level rider looking for a solid board to take all over the mountain and progress on.


Drake's jib offering consists of three models: the Grind, Urban, and Banger, with each being fine tuned to slightly different rider styles and needs.

The Grind is the most high-performing jib board of the three, with a microcamber profile combined with a soft flex to create a playful board with a ton of pop. The Urban is the noodle of the Drake line, with it's super soft flex, skate camber and bombproof extruded base making it the obvious choice for street rail kids. Rounding out the jib line is the Banger - a deck aimed at the skint park kid looking for a solid board on the cheap.


Drake's freestyle focused offering consists of three models which vary in tech specs and price point.

The DF1 is the hardest charging of the three, with one of the stiffest flex profiles in the entire Drake line, reinforced with traditional camber for all the pop you could ever want off mega park booters or icy pipe transitions. This is basically the go-to board for dudes hitting the big stuff.

The DF2 comes in a little softer making it the perfect board for riders who want to specialise more in jumps rather than rails and are looking for a responsive, freestyle-orientated ride that won't spank them too hard if they're not a super experienced rider.

The DF3 comes in at an even lower price point and is a freestyle board aimed at riders looking for their first board to take into the park. With a flat, more forgiving profile and a softer flex, this one's way less aggressive than its DF brothers and a perfect one for finding your freestyle legs on.


If you couldn't tell from their directional shapes and subdued graphics, the Battle and Guerrilla snowboards make up Drake's freeride offering for 2015 - 2016.

The Battle is your high-end, traditional powder surfer, with a big ol' nose and short tail to keep you floating on top of the white stuff with ease. The mid flex keeps it easy to handle and the fast sintered base will have you tearing past your buddies.

The Guerilla comes loaded with a unique surf-shape that has been designed for amazing riding in powder as well as the rest of the mountain. Its premium Aspen wood core keeps it light and flexible without compromising on strength and responsiveness.


There's something for every rider in Drake's women's line. The high-end, charging DFL board is designed for advanced female riders looking to rip the whole mountain, while the Misty is more tailored to park riders looking to send it on both jumps and rails.

The Venice is the perfect first-timer board, with it's mid flex and flat profile providing a predictable, forgiving ride that will suit entry level riders as well as more jib-focused rippers. The Charm has similar accolades, with a super easy to ride reverse camber profile and soft flex, making it a perfect board for girls looking to progress their riding in all areas of snowboarding.


The LF is Drake's board for the mini-shreds out there. Featuring an easy to ride flat camber, this is the perfect deck for the little ones to start out their fledgling snowboard careers on.


The Podium FF are Drake's new premium bindings for 2015/2016. Featuring an all-new checkered carbon highback with asymmetrical shape and magnesium m12 ratchets, these things are super lightweight whilst remaining strong and responsive.

If you're looking for a super-solid pair of bindings that you'll barely notice under your feet, these are well worth a look-in.


The Radar bindings are Drake's bombproof, all mountain charger model, featuring a super light baseplate, polycarbonate highback and natural canting for a reliable, solid ride.

As one of the stiffer bindings in the line, these are well suited to riders looking to ride hard and fast. The green/purple teenage mutant ninja turtles colourway can't really be missed either!


The Supersport bindings are lightweight, freestyle focused bindings aimed at advanced riders looking for a binding to ride everything with. Kickers, boxes, rail, you name it.

Featuring a tooless adjustment system allowing to tweak your bindings on the fly, as well as an all-new Prime high back, these are the binding of choice for the advanced freestyle rider.


The Drake Reload bindings share a number of features with their Supersport brothers, but are designed to be super lightweight and comfortable.

With a definite freestyle focus, these would be a great choice if you're looking for lightweight park performance with a slightly softer flex.


With over 10 years in the Drake line-up, the Fifty Bindings are a firm team favourite, returning year-after-year to deliver reliable freestyle performance. With their premium Delta light baseplate and blend of the highest grade aluminium and fiber reinforced nylon, these are a rock-solid choice for any rider.


Developed for all mountain riders looking to progress their riding over the whole mountain, the King bindings are Drake's entry-level model, offering great quality at an even better price.

With a forgiving, yet responsive flex, and plenty of technical features, they're certainly not to be sniffed at.