Dinosaurs Will Die is a small rider-owned and operated snowboard brand that was founded in 2004 by Sean Genovese and Jeff Keenan in the hills surrounding Vancouver BC. Dinosaurs Will Die represented a means of breaking out of the cookie cutter mould that was a prominent part of the snowboard scene at the time.

With a DIY, punk rock approach and image - the name of the brand is shared with a popular NOFX song that deals with the homogenization of the music scene by major record labels - Dinosaurs Will Die are one of the most respected, truly core brands in the industry.

We stopped by their booth at ISPO 2015 to catch up with Sean and Jeff and take a look at their small but focused product offering for the 2015/2016 season.


Larson - The Larson is a brand new model in the DWD line for 2016 for their brand new pro Chris Larson and features an all new 'RePop' profile (noticing a theme here?). It's essentially a beefed up Rat snowboard with a fast sintered base and an extra helping of pop - perfect for the battering that Chris will give it in the streets and park.

Bogart - The graphics on the new Bogart rule. Created in collaboration with Big Mike aka Zeachman, this cocktail of Cheshire cat loopiness is a high end board for park ripping, backcountry or whatever Ben Bogart can think of taking it to. With a sintered base, mid flex and flat profile, this is a reliable snowboard for all kinds of freestyle riding.

Genovese - This board is co-founder Sean Genovese's go anywhere, do anything deck, featuring a solid tech-spec including sintered base, flat profile and mid flex. The theme for the graphic this season is 'Copy Cats and Biters' and each length features the same graphics in different colour options. The board lacks a full wrap edge, meaning that once you've shredded it to your heart's content, you can take a blade to it and customise the nose and tail shapes to get some extra life out of it.

Kwon - The Kwon is Dinosaurs Will Die's answer for all of the guys looking for a freestyle focused charger of a board. Featuring a flat profile in the tip and tail (reinforced by carbon v-rods) and camber between the feet, there'll certainly be no shortage of pop in this dark, brooding, beast of a deck.


Here's a better look at the graphics on the 2015/2016 Larson snowboard will Dinosaurs Will Die.


Brat - The Brat is Dinosaurs Will Die's attempt at a forgiving, easy to ride stick for "light riders of all kinds *Cough* *ladies*". With a mellow reverse camber and a nice soft flex, it's a perfect little number to chuck around and a perfect one for young Rats-to-be, as well as the fairer sex.

Maet - We're so down with the graphics on next year's Maet, which are a collaboration between DWD and the Magic Moves crew over in the US. The Maet is the perfect blend of old and newschool tech, combining a mellow traditional camber profile with a soft flex, making this the perfect board for park riders looking for the reliability and pop of traditional camber board without the all-mountain weapon tag.

Rat - The Rat is a staple in the DWD line and a firm favourite for team riders Fred Perry and Chris Larson. With a reverse camber profile and a mid soft flex, this one's buttery, forgiving, and an excellent choice for rail rats the world over. Plus, it has fucking Rat Man graphic. Too sick!

Wizardstick - In its second year now, the Wizardstick is still going strong for 2016, bringing that trendy directional pointy shape that we've been seeing all over the shop to a board that you can take anywhere on the hill. Rail some proper carves, pop off some sidehits, get pitted or even slap it onto some metal, the mid-soft flexing Wizardstick could vvery well be one of the funnest boards on the planet.

Sixties - While the Brat is DWD's option for the featherweights, the Sixties is the deck that the Mike Tyson's of the snowboard world be gnawing away at. In its second year of production, the Dinos added a slightly shorter, mid-wide 160 length to the mix, although it remains a certified freestyle rocket. Shoot for moon in powder, piste or park!


Here's a closer look at the Dinosaurs Will Die x Magic Hour Moves graphic on the Maet snowboard.


If you haven't played the wizard stick drinking game, you need to sort your shit out and get on it. Here's a closer look at the graphics on the 2015 2016 Wizardstick snowboard.