Deeluxe have been making high-quality snowboard boots since the mid ‘90s. Their range covers everything from freestyle to the backcountry, with lots of clever tech on display to keep your feet happy – an area in which compromise of any kind is a big mistake.

"As well as working closely with their stacked pro team on boot design, Deeluxe also nail the collab game"

There’s a strong women’s line too – no ‘shrink it and pink it here’. Models like the Empire have an equivalent female-specific version which makes all the sensible tweaks to suit smaller, lighter riders, without losing any of what makes the men’s one so popular. Elena Könz and Aline Bock are among those currently killing it in Deeluxe boots.

As well as working closely with their stacked pro team on boot design, Deeluxe also nail the collab game. Here are a few highlights from their 2018/19 range:

Deeluxe Brisse ID Snowboard Boots 2018-2019


Deranged building-gapper Dan Brisse has long been a fixture of the Deeluxe team, which says a lot about how good their soles are at absorbing heavy impacts. The Brisse ID uses two powerstraps for fully customisable support, but it’s not so stiff that only an absolute unit can work it.

Deeluxe Empire Snowboard Boots 2018-2019


Deeluxe Empire Lara Women's Snowboard Boots 2018-2019


Deeluxe IDxHC Snowboard Boots 2018-2019


Deeluxe Original Snowboard Boots 2018-2019


Deeluxe Ray Lara Women's Snowboard Boots 2018-2019


Deeluxe Ray Lara Boa Women's Snowboard Boots 2018-2019


Deeluxe Spark XV Snowboard Boots 2018-2019


If you’re a freerider looking to follow in Xavier De Le Rue’s footsteps, then taking a look at his signature Deeluxe boot would be a good start. The cuff is designed to allow for longer strides while splitboarding, and the whole thing has been heavily sealed against the elements.

Deeluxe x WOW Snowboard Boots 2018-2019


Doing a collab with the Japanese heroes at Weekly Of Weird is an inspired choice. Expect Doggy, London and the rest of the crew to be rocking these in their next shredit-cum-woodworking-experiment.