Danny Davis and Mark Gonzales - two of the world's greatest minds. Well, maybe not. Maybe 'two of the world's most beautiful minds' is more apt, because for sure these guys aren't doing much in the way of particle physics or climate science.

But that doesn't matter, they're both 'thinkers', yuh see. It's hard to put a price on joy, and between them, they've brought a lot of that to our world. Peace Park, loveable ghost cartoons, switch methods... Street skating.

For the first time since the infamous Michi Albin pro model (where he managed to spell 'Burton' wrong), Mark Gonzales has put pen-and-spray-can to p-tex and produced two board graphics for Danny Davis' two pro-models that are replacing the popular Easy Livin': the Deep Thinker and the Free Thinker. No prizes for guessing which is for park and which is for powder.

The accompanying video is a loveable romp with the pair doing cool stuff and saying deep, wise and free thoughts out loud in the Gonz's studio and in the streets of New York, of course. The best bit by far is when the Gonz, maybe the most influential and 'legit' skateboarder of all time, totally dicks all over snowboarding:

"Skateboarding is maximum effort, minimum pleasure... And with snowboarding it's minimal effort for maximum pleasure." Amen brother.