Founded in Hawaii in 1979, Dakine has been making top quality action sport accessories for decades. The name Dakine is based on the Hawaiian phrase ‘da kine’ which translates as ‘the kind’ and is now synonymous with snowboard bags, gloves and backpacks.

In 1979, Rob Kaplan began manufacturing the Dakine surf leash in Maui, Hawaii. After moving operations to Oregon, Dakine responded to the rapidly expanding snowboard market with board accessories and board bags.

All Dakine products are designed with the end user in mind and are built to withstand any condition you might experience on the hill. Even after all these years Dakine still prides itself on developing products that are the pinnacle of innovation, design and quality.

We took a whip around their stand at ISPO 2015 to see what they had on offer next season. Check it out on the next few pages.

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Quebec born, BC bred and charger to the bone; Annie Boulanger is one of the hardiest backcountry riders of the last few decades. Pushing the level of progression has been Boulanger's mission, and she's been gifted with her own pro line from Dakine this season.

The Heli Pro is the *best selling snowsports backpack of all time, and with the Heli Pro Womens model, they've tweaked the design so it's an ergonomic fit for the ladies' stature. With more pockets and features than Batman's utility belt, the Heli Pro is the bag of choice to take anywhere you go.

*we think. Definitely not statistically proven, but there's a hell of a lot of 'em everywhere, so we don't think it's too much of an outlandish claim.


Dakine have expanded their product offerings in the last few seasons to cover all of the softgood categories. Their accessories line has always been a staple of any snowboard shop, and with an expanded selection of headwear offerings, we're sure they'll go from strength to strength with it.

Here we see the Hunter balaclava (middle), that's a mid weight fleece fabric to keep you looking like a bankrobber 24/7. The hoodie style face opening doesn't make you feel like you've got a wet towel over your face, whilst the drawstring means you can keep it tight when the wind is blowing.


Chris Benchetler recieves a second pro line from Dakine this season. The Heli Pack Pro 20L comes with a vertical snowboard carrying system for backcountry hikes, a fleece lines goggle pocket, and the usual straps to keep the pack secure when riding as well as taking the burden from your shoulders.

His signature Baron mitt is a fully gore-tex membraned glove that comes with Primaloft insulation to keep the your extremities toasty warm, even in the most adverse of weather conditions. Naturally as you'd expect with Dakine, the mitt is super durable and had reinforced palm materials to keep the mitts in tip top shape.


Say yes to looking like a Canadian lumberjack with the Chuck from Dakine.


Whilst Corsa might strike fear into the British population with the thoughts of souped up Vauxhall's driven by residents of Essex, Dakine have a completley different thing in mind.

The Corsa gloves comes with a 4 out of 5 rating for warmth thanks to its high lift synthetic filling and DK Dry waterproofing tech. In short it means you've got a super warm glove that could substitute for a submarine in the break out of maritime warfare in the powder fields. Unlikely, but good to know that your hands will be dry...


The German slayer by the name of Elias Elhardt has been making ripples on the snowboard scene for a few seasons now, and his ender from Pirate Movie Production's 'Distorted Reality' turned them to waves. The standout segment of the year in many people's opinions cemented him as an up and comer of the European backcountry scene.

The team over at Dakine must have thought the same thing as he's received a pro model backpack and mitt this season, levelling him with Chris Benchetler which is no mean feat.


Elias even gets the top to toe treatment from Dakine this season with a signature jacket to call his own. The 2 layered gore-tex outer jacket will keep you looking good, and dry when blasting pillows in Kashhmir or Voralberg.

With a slightly baggy fit, you can layer up benerath the jacket without looking like you've got pillows shoved up your front, and the multitude of different tech features mean you won't be in a hurry to take it off either.


A nifty wee feature on the Dakine backpack range this season are the GoPro clips on the shoulder straps so you can get POV action, without looking like a radical einhorn.


Jason Robinson's also joined the roster of riders that get the pro model treatment this year with a signature glove and backpack from Dakine.


Dakine's flagship product season is the OMATIC 4 Balaclava - this piece of headgear comes with headphones built into the hood, meaning you can take the party wherever you go whether it be dropping lines, or fools for their wallets down dark alleys.

Made from a composite material that hardens on impact, the balaclava hardens on impact in case you're living the hard knock life...

Nah, we're fucking with you. It's a balaclava....


Sean Pettit's got a pro model as well. Is there anyone on the Dakine team that hasn't got a pro model this season? Can we get one?


We would have liked to have written about the selection of Dakine luggage here, but it appears that there's something wrong with our camera and we've just got a blank shot.