We've already had a little chance to look at a few of the qualities of the new Contour Roam 3 - but just incase you missed it, here's what we picked up at the ISPO trade show this year.

Their latest cam is a single shell cylinder that comes ready to tackle a whole lot of filming. Waterproof to 10m, it doesn't require an external case like some competitors, which should help with audio recording; and it's also gained the ability to take quick photos while the video function is rolling.

An addition that we hadn't seen is the grip (above) that they're adding as an accessory - a familiar tool for anyone who's used a DSLR for video - it'll allow you to get a steady low angle for follow-cam shots, and fully utilise the wide angle lens to capture as much of the rider and scenery as possible - skate style.

And for anyone who's looking deeper into the tech side - the cam will happily shoot 4K video at 15fps, and 720p video at 60fps too. Not bad for a unit that's currently retailing at £189.99.