Capita devour everything. Based in Seattle, Capita Snowboards was formed by Jason Brown and Blue Montgomery in 2000, with the help of a few other fellow artists including Dustin Krysak and Corey Smith.

Capita is a brand for truly progressive freestylers and their team reflects this go hard freestyle spirit. Scott Stevens, Dan Brisse and Jess Kimura all ride for Capita and it’s safe to say that those three riders are pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in snowboarding.

We took a trip round their stand at ISPO 2015 and this is what we found...


One of Capita's most widely loved, highly respected and all terrain slaying board is back for a 2015 2016 edition in the form of the Black Snowboard of Death.

With a hybrid all-mountain shape, this quiver killing stick from the Capita team comes with new fibre glass construction to give you the stiffness and strength you need to tackle whatever terrain the mountain puts in front of you. Don't be fooled though, despite urathane sidewalls and a hefty helping of topsheet construction, the Black Snowboard of Death will chew you up and spit you out if can't handle it.


A new addition to the roster of killers from Capita Snowboards is the Mercury. Named after the viscous liquid that changes state under pressure, this stick will do exactly the same with it's hybrid freeride orientation.

Bamboo stings laid into the core help transfer lateral energy into pop, meaning you're not loosing any sleep over amplitude. Whilst it prefers its natural environment of the backcountry, this is still a stick you can take across the mountain.


Oh the perils of being a man. Do you have dinnerplates called hands or shoes you have to borrow from a clown?

Well the Supermacho from Capita is the gun you're looking for. Designed for the specimens among us that are big, it's a super wide board designed to eliminate toe-hang and buttery boards for the big 'uns that want performance. A hybrid all mountain shape means it's suited to float in powder, but still holds its own on-piste due to the same profile as the Black Snowboard of Death.


The snowboard that puts the shivers in park jump or powder fields alike; it could only be the Ultrafear.

Another one of Capita's much loved and ridden snowboards rolls out for a 2016 edition with updated technology and bombproof performance. They've added cork to the sidewalls to damped any vibration or chatter which has the added bonus of being nigh on indestructible when it comes to edge killing. The core has received an upgrade meaning it's surely going to be a board of choice for the freestyle enthusiast.


Capita have teamed up with Volcom for a collaboration that'll make kicker enthusiast weak at the knees. Based on the much loved Outsider snowboard, it receives a supercharged core for any behemoth booters you point it at. With a cambered hybrid shape, you've got camber stretching to just before the tip and tail of the board, before the profile changes to flat to avoid any painful hangups.


Charlie don't surf, but he does slash pow. The Charlie Slasher is Capita's hybrid shaped powder floater comes with a tapered tail to keep you from drowning in any backcountry situation you find yourself in.

This stick will be of interest to any DIY enthusiasts among you. It has a pre-pressed AVS sidewall running through the centre of the board, so if you want to convert it into a splitboard, you don't run the risk of having edges that allow water in. This means a supercharged core that won't dampen your spirits.


Capita's stand against mediocrity comes in the form of the Defender of Awesome, and it does exactly what it says on the tin.

With more profile changes than a teenagers Facebook picture, the board combines the best of shapes to find an all-terrain consuming combo. Positive camber, zero camber and reverse camber keep it locked underfoot, whilst an aggressively angled tip and tail optimise the shape for powder slashing. With cork in the sidewall, you know you can handle the chatter without spilling your beer.


Scott Stevens returns with another true-twin hybrid board that has more technology that a NASA spaceship. Capita are naturally quite proud of their innovative defender of awesome, and have therefore given his pro model a makeover worthy of its own TV show.

The jib orientated stick comes with a fully wooden core, piled with pop to help you reach the dizzying heights of any ledge of wallride you come across. A high end snowboard for talented riders.


Jess Kimura slays everything, and with this snowboard strapped to her feet, it's easy to see why. Her pro model receives a revamp using only the highest quality materials. A maple wood core means it's a super snappy deck that holds its own no matter what you ride.

Throw in a helping of carbon fibre inlays, and you have a stick that's more durable than an towel. This year, the Kimura also comes in a new 138 size, so even if you're lacking in stature, you're not left behind on performance.

The infamous Peter Line has also picked up the pencil to do the graphics on the board. They're kittens, but not as you'd expect.

09-Capita-Sprink Break-Snowboards-Slush-Slasher-2015-2016

Arguably the most popular board of 2014 2015, the Capita Spring Break is back for a 2016 edition, and it's sure to raise a few eyebrows again.

The slushy slasher is an affordable powder orientated stick for the rider that wants to get creative with their riding. The different shapes are all for different terrain, but they're certified for fun.

Forged carbon diamond inserts means all energy around the bindings transfer all of the energy into the board, and make it stronger than Arnie on a rampage.