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Capita Stand 2014-2015

Capita are one of those brands whose kit we really look forward to seeing every year at ISPO. They've always taken their snowboard graphics pretty seriously, and over the years they've had a whole heap of rad artists contribute designs to their range.

For the past couple of seasons, one of those artists has been the UK's Jono Wood, and we're happy to see that a lot of his work will be featured on Capita's 2014-2015 range too.

On top of that, their team is rad, and the riders' strong personalities (thing Kazu Kokubo or Cale Zima) often rub off on the boards they help to design.

Of course it's not just about drooling over the graphics like kids in a sweet shop, there's all the tech to talk about too. But we'll be covering that in more detail in our reviews, which won't be written until we've given the boards a proper run out at the Snowboard Spring Break event in March.

In the meantime, enjoy the eye candy!

[part title="Capita Birds of a Feather Snowboard 2014-2015"]

Capita Birds of a Feather Snowboard Base 3 2014-2015

Capita's Birds of a Feather board is back for 2014/2015. Aimed at more experienced female riders, it's an all mountain freestyle machine. At least last year's was, so we're assuming this new model will be similar.

This year's topsheet has a floral print going on - something we've seen quite a lot of at ISPO this year.

Capita Birds of a Feather Snowboard Base 2 2014-2015

Here's a cheeky video of the graphic.

[part title="Capita Charlie Slasher Snowboard 2014-2015"]

Capita Charlie Slasher Snowboard 2014-2015

The Charlie Slasher - as the name suggests - is designed primarily for pow.

It's another one that's been in Capita's line for a few seasons now, and makes a welcome return for 2014-2015 with this relatively plain (for Capita anyway) graphic.

Capita Charlie Slasher Snowboard Base 2014-2015

[part title="Capita DOA Snowboard 2014-2015"]

Capita DOA Snowboard 2014-2015

The DOA looks rad as hell this year. And Capita have managed to get a half naked woman on there (we were shocked we got to this board without seeing some).

The Defender's Of Awesome board is a true freestyle destroyer and with those mad graphics, we reckon this one will sell well next season.

Have a sneak peak at the base graphics and the video below.

Capita DOA Snowboard Base 2014-2015

[part title="Capita Horrorscope Snowboard 2014-2015"]

Capita Horrorscope Snowboards 2014-2015

There's a massive range of Capita Horrorscope sizes to choose from next season. Check out the board below...

Capita Horrorscope Snowboard 2014-2015

This is definitely Capita's #1 selling board. Be prepared to kill it on the horrorscope. The zombie-baseball player graphics are looking sick this year too. They have gone for a pretty different design, as opposed to the 'wizard - woman' of this season.

And it's a perfect jibbing board. In the past Capita, have made some small changes to the tech, but the main change comes with the graphics. So expect what you got from the 2013/14 model, but that little bit better.

Capita Horrorscope Snowboard Base 2014-2015

This year, Capita have gone for a Spiderman-inspired design on the back to accompany the logo. So you can stop searching around the 'web' for a board.... this one is all you need!

[part title="Capita Jess Kimura Snowboard 2014-2015

Capita Jess Kimura Snowboard 2014-2015

Ladies, do you want to shred like Jess? Well here's your best chance. This women's all mountain board is as versatile as Jess herself and the graphics are pretty sweet too. Capita seem to have edged away from their hardcore, naked ladies, evil zombies infusion and gone for an actual girly design, which we think will go down really well with the girls next year.

[part title="Capita Micro-scope Snowboard 2014-2015"]

Capita Micro-scope Snowboard 2014-2015

Always wondered why little 10 year olds as dropping in on bigger pipes than you? Here is the answer. With the right gear, those little shredders wanting to get into freestyle will be progressing big time, at the same time as 'Defending Awesome'.

This board will be great for rails, kickers and stomping mad (little) tricks next winter and with slightly raised edges, there's no fear of face planting!

Capita Micro-scope Snowboard Base 2014-2015

[part title="Capita Outdoor Living Snowboard 2014-2015"]

Capita Outdoor Living Snowboard Detail 2014-2015

This board is looking rad this year and Capita have moved away from their usual designs with this one. The vintage graphics work well with such a techie board in the 21st century. A good all-mountain board with a stable feel for next season.

And by the looks of things, that style has been incorporated on the back as well.

Capita Outdoor Living Snowboard Base 2014-2015

Check out the video below for a closer look at the graphics.

[part title="Capita Outsiders Snowboard 2014-2015"]

Capita Outsiders Snowboards 2014-2015

This board's graphics are so sick they have the ability to scare you shitless. So make sure you are ready to ride this board - it'll be one hell of a ride! A great board for jibbing next season.

[part title="Capita Scott Stevens Snowboard 2014-2015"]

Capita Scott Stevens Snowboard 2 2014-2015

Pretty plain graphics this year from Scott! This pro models previous version had a picture of his dog on it so it seems Scott has gone for a much more reserved design this year! He's got an edit coming out soon though so we are sure people will be going mad for this one just the same. Now we've got to hope it rides the same as its predecessors.

Although, the base of this board certainly makes up for the lack of graphics on the front...

Capita Scott Stevens Snowboard Base 2014-2015

Check out the video below to have a better look.

[part title="Capita Space Metal Fantasy Snowboard 2014-2015"]

Capita Space Metal Fanstasy Snowboard 2014-2015

This will be a great board for the girls next year. If you're wanting to progress in the parks ata decent speed, this is probably the board for you. And those steezy graphics definitely have a metal/space/fantasy look about them - so this isn't a board that'll disappoint.

It's aimed at the intermediate girls but by the end of the season you'll be progressing to advanced!

Capita Space Metal Fanstasy Snowboard Base 2014-2015

Check out the video for a better look

[part title="Capita Spring Break Snowboards 2014-2015"]

Capita Spring Break Snowboards 2 2014-2015

Now these are something to get over-excited about and we will even allow a little drooling with this one.

Capita have joined forces with the fantastic Spring Break Snowboards and have created what we can only describe as a Pow God. These are handmade machines in powder and it looks like there'll be a good amount to choose from. Here we've got a few pictures and a nice video so you can take a closer look at the range.

Capita Spring Break Snowboard 158 Base 2014-2015

Here is the base of the blue board. All the boards all similar to this on the base but check out the black board's tail! It looks like a weapon of mass destruction to us!

Capita Spring Break Snowboard 166 Detail 2014-2015

[part title="Capita Thunderstick Snowboard 2014-2015"]

Capita Thunderstruck Snowboard 2014-2015

Capita have gone for a classier look with these simple graphics but we think it works pretty well. This will be a great board to strap into for the parks next year.

[part title="Capita Ultra Fear Snowboard 2014-2015"]

Capita Ultra Fear Snowboard 2014-2015

This one's a bit of a mind fuck. It looks like it'd float in pow and that'd be about it. But this is actually an awesome freestyle board. It's different shape isn't so unusual nowadays, with all sorts of board shapes coming up.

So this one is certainly one to admire from Capita. If the shape has already got us talking, they must have done something right.

Capita Ultra Fear Snowboard Base 2014-2015