Burton have been all over the collab games for years, scoring some amazing wins along the way, as well as the occasional swing-and-a-miss... *cough Playboy cough* We're chalking up their latest as another success.

Yup, they might not have been the very first to team up with South Park, but focusing on some of the most-beloved secondary characters is a pretty genius move. There's a whole range of special edition Parkitects (full review here) featuring Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo, Towlie, Butters and Kenny, complete with the original catchphrase base graphic.

Burton South Parkitect 150 - Butters

Burton South Park Parkitect Butters

Burton South Parkitect 154 - Towlie

Burton South Park Parkitect Towlie

Burton South Parkitect

Burton South Park Parkitect Kenny

Burton South Parkitect 160 - Mr Hankey

Burton South Park Parkitect Mr Hankey

On top of the four alternative Parkitect graphics, there's also a range of soft goods, including a pair of Burton's Workhorse mitts (a team favourite here at WL) re-worked with some patches, plus what has to be our favourite item - the Kenny snood!


These are sure to sell out fast, so check in at your closest Burton dealer, or find them online here.