Here's a sneak peak at three new snowboards from Burton's massive 2013/2014 line:

The Hate

The Hate snowboard features Burton's brand new Filet-O-Flex technology which introduces an ultra thin profile for a soft flexing board that isn't a total noodle. Designed for Park riding, the Hate has a twin shape and a Flat Top profile - a flat section between the feet for stability and an early rise outside the feet for the catch free feel of a rocker board. Burton have also added underfoot padding so that on choppy terrain your feet don't end up feeling like a knackered washing machine after an extra long spin cycle...

The Landlord

Burton's Family Tree series snowboards were launched last season as an outlet for more freeride oriented boards drawing inspiration from key models of the past. The Landlord was designed with input from Terje Haakonsen and features Burton's new Balanced Freeride Geometry, which aims to blur the line between directional and twin snowboard shapes. It uses a setback camber and sidecut that is centered on your stance for a twin freestyle feel when riding flat base but still turns quickly while maintaining the float you'd expect from a directional board when on edge.

The Custom Restricted

This year's Custom restricted has been twinned out for more of a freestyle focus and comes in both camber and 'spingloaded' (a rocker/camber blend) editions. Look out for the Custom Restricted strapped to the feet of many a Burton pro rider next season - the Custom is still the best selling snowboard of all time for a reason!