We've just been hit up by Spanish binding company 'Rotary-Ah' with the news that they're selling the patent for their unique rotating bindings on eBay.

Everyone knows that skating around on your snowboard with one foot out is a bit cumbersome and navigating your board through the tangle of limbs to rest it on the chairlift can also be a bit of a headache. Rotary-Ah have attempted to alleviate these two niggles by developing a binding that can be rotated so that your front foot sits parallel with the board, supposedly making skating and resting your board on chairlifts easier.

Check out the delightfully cheesy promotional video above, both to see how the bindings work and to have a few chuckles (our favourite part? 'free yourself from... what's he doing? He's nuts!' And don't miss the testimonial from the Spanish Pro rider at the end...).


So if you've got $196,000 lying around and fancy marketing these bad boys, you can snap up the patent on eBay right here.

The real question is, could this ever catch on? In our heads we can see some of the potential benefits to beginners just pushing around on the flats, but what happens if you're traversing one-footed on an incline and need to use your heel edge? We've got a feeling Scott Stevens or Scotty Vine wouldn't approve...

Will we be seeing a slew of rotative bindings in beginner lessons and on chairlifts or will this just go the way of the snakeboard/dual snowboard/bulldog board/snowboard pole...?