ISPO 2015 madness continues with the Norwegian purveyours of triple based technology. As always, out resident madman/host Henry Jackson gets all the lastest news from Bataleon Snowboards, with a close up on their 2015-2016 Bataleon Magic Carpet.

Not many brands have had such an impact on the snowboard industry as Bataleon Snowboards have had in recent years. A few years ago Norwegian engineer Jorgen Karlson took his idea of Triple Base Technology (TBT) to several major snowboard brands. They laughed and said it would never work.

Fast forward a few years and it’s Jorgen Karlson and the rest of the Bataleon team who are laughing now as Bataleon is a force to be reckoned with. Bataleon boards all feature TBT and have been at the forefront of a snowboarding revolution. If you’re looking for snowboard technology that works, then Bataleon have got your back.

This time, Diggles takes us through the ins and outs of the Bataleon Magic Carpet. A true twin, all mountain, powder, freestyle stick developed, and now imported, from the WhiteGold PROTO XIV/V.