It's good news and bad news for fans of atrip Apparel, the fledgling outerwear & accessories company launched in 2016 by Halldor Helgason.

First the bad news; its days as a standalone brand are over. After just two seasons, atrip has become part of Horsefeathers Outerwear - and as a result, Halldor has joined their global team.

The good news is that atrip will continue, re-purposed as Halldor’s signature line at its new home. Horsefeathers is also rider-owned, and has been on the go since 1989. The name may sound like something a Victorian gentleman might exclaim when he finds out someone's clamped his stagecoach, but their gear is top of the range.

We're told that atrip's offering will still be roughly the same - a limited line consisting of only a few pieces, but that nevertheless covers all bases - and everything will still have the personal Halldor touch. Expect bang-on-trend pieces, designed to look the part off the mountain as well as on it.

"With both brands being under the Sigma Distribution umbrella, the move makes a lot of sense"

Here's a sneak peek at a few highlights from his upcoming range - the Fokker jacket, Ghost pants and Maverick long-sleeved shirt:

With both brands being under the Stigma Distribution umbrella, the move makes a lot of sense - indeed, brother Eiki is already on the Horsefeathers team. Halldor now gets all the benefits of having his own signature clothing, but with even more support from a company with whom he already worked closely. As Horsefeathers’ Tomas Koudela puts it, “This isn’t only a business relationship, as Halldor is a part of the Horsefeathers family for us".

No word yet on how this affects the rest of atrip’s ‘Special Interest Club’, an eclectic mix of ambassadors ranging from fellow pro riders to porn stars.

Look out for the new ‘Horsefeathers atrip line by Halldor Helgason’ coming in the autumn of 2018. In the meantime, it’s not too late to grab the last of atrip’s standalone range.