arbor snowboards heritage
Arbor Snowboards have been hard at work recently - bringing Bryan Iguchi, Frank April and Mark Carter into the family. But big moves like that don't happen overnight - and no doubt the reputation they've built since '95 has played a huge part in encouraging this growth.

Now in their 20th year, Arbor are celebrating with a great range of boards - all built on their firm foundation of sustainable, handmade, forward thinking construction.

As ever - they're using environmentally friendly materials as much as possible, and continuing efforts to rebuild forests, with a portion of every sale going to their Returning Roots programme that donates to groups who protect and restore natural resources.

Here you can find their selection of whips for the 2015 2016 season.

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The Abacus splitboard from Arbor is a mountain-twin, medium flex ride for intermediate to advanced snowboarders - designed to access as much backcountry terrain as possible.

It's a versatile, award winning board with a beautiful Premium Burled Eucalyptus top sheet that uses a System Rocker for float as well as snow contact when climbing - and also features Karakoram clips to keep the whole thing tightly secured.


Available in both Camber and Rocker variations (above and below respectively) - the Coda is an award winning snowboard that takes the rough with the smooth.

Built to handle the whole hill - it's a mountain-twin shape, medium flex and will suit intermediate to advanced riders. Both variations feature 360 rails, a Double Barrel core, and reinforced Thunderhead tips, while Bamboo and Ash top-sheets help distinguish one profile from the other.



This directional, mid-flex, wood-topped while is a premium ride for advancing snowboarders who want a gun-shaped powder specialist.

Each reclaimed wood top-sheet is unique, and put together using leftovers from previous years' production - while a stainless steel tip protector will keep that nose in shape.

Under the hood it's a 'Reclined Parabolic Rocker' profile with carbon struts for extra strength, and 360 rails.


The second powder-gun shape from Arbor - the Shreddy Krueger - is a bit more of a versatile beast than the Cosa Nostra. And despite containing all the float you could possibly want, it also lends itself to all conditions and terrain.

Using the same 'Reclined Parabolic Rocker' profile, a medium flex and a 'Single Malt' core - this ride bears a slightly bloodthirsty red dye on its Ash Power Ply topsheet. It might not give you nightmares - but it sure looks like a slasher to us.


The dagger tipped Sin Nombre from Arbor has a distinctively classic look in a land of lewd graphics and rambunctious young'uns. With art by Klyer Martz on the top sheet, it's hiding its technological innovation, which comes in the form of their new System Camber profile, and diagonal carbon stringers which connect the contact points.

Crafted with a directional mid-flex, and enhanced pop - it's made for technical freestyle riding in and out of bounds.


If you found yourself in agreement with our recent contributor piece on the problem with women's snowboard gear - this female specific ride could be right up your street.

Undeniably feminine while avoiding many of the cliche's - it's a true twin, freestyle-orientated ride, with artwork by David Hale.

Built on the Rocker System - it will happily handle a vast range of conditions, and with a Single Malt core, Ash Topsheet and 360 rails, it's packing the same tech as the fellas too.


Blunted to tackle those narrow streets - the Draft is a jib-stick through and through!

Soft flexing, with a catch free Rocker System underfoot - its Flathead Tips will reduce swing weight, and help you get through tight spaces.

With a durable and easy to repair extruded base, 360 wrap rails, a Single Malt core, and a three year warranty, what more could you want to arm you for urban rails?


From one end of the spectrum to another - the Heritage series are a set of six limited edition snowboards, that will each receive a 95-piece production run to celebration Arbor's 20th year!

Available in variations on some of their most popular shapes, the 'Relapse', 'Sin Nombre', 'Zygote Twin', 'Coda Rocker' and 'Westmark Rocker' will all be produced in premium, sustainably sourced Palisander Wood, in a small selection of sizes; and each will have a one-of-a-kind finish.

arbor snowboards heritage

Arbor's Wasteland is their flagship whip - and comes with an inlaid Power Ply top-sheet on top of a medium flex mountain-twin ride.

It's a System Rocker profile ride with carbon uprights for extra snap and plenty of power - and is symmetrically designed for precision and a balanced response.


Another ride to receive the dual Camber/Rocker System option treatment this year - the Westmark is an award winning mid-soft freestyler that's got the chops in the streets as well as on bigger features.

Its blunted shape acts in the same way as the Draft does, while a slightly stronger, more stable core gives pop and support when you're stepping it up a gear - and a sintered base will give you the added speed you need for larger gaps.


Super skate-inspired - the Zygote Twin harks back to the early days of skateboard and snowboard designs. Directional in shape with a twin flex, it's soft enough for all your freestyle needs, while a Camber profile won't leave you short on response.

The nose and tail are actually the same width, height and length on this one - so while it might not look ready for switch, you can rest assured that its more versatile that you first though - and no doubt it's a head turner too!