Analog PLA Trucker Cap 2014-2015_-2

Analog have one of the best reputations for simple, quality clothing and outerwear. We managed to catch a load of previews for their 2014-15 winter collection at the recent ISPO trade show in Munich, check out our pick of the bunch, like these stylish trucker caps above>

[part title="Analog Zenith Jacket 2015"]

Analog Zenith Jacket 2014-2015_-2

Awesome Hawaiian-themed jacket from Analog, keeping it loud but understate all at once. Loving the matching hat too!

Analog Zenith Jacket Close Up 2014-2015_-2

[part title="Analog Shoreditch Jacket 2015"]

Analog Shoreditch Jacket 2 2014-2015_-2

Classy and functional, classic Analog styling here. We particularly like the big orange patch on the chest.

[part title="Analog Anthem Jacket 2015"]

Analog Anthem Jacket 2 2014-2015_-2

Sweet colour-way and a great fit, can't go wrong with this jacket.

[part title="Analog Highmark Jacket 2015"]

Analog Highmark Jacket 2 2014-2015_-2

Maybe the most colourful jacket in the range, the Highmark also packs a Goretex shell, guarenteed to keep you warm and dry!

[part title="Analog Greed Jacket 2015"]

Analog Greed Jacket 2014-2015_-2

Nothing greedy about wanting this jacket, chunky colour blocks and patches seem to be the way this collection is going next year.

[part title="Analog Desolate Jacket 2015"]

Analog Desolate Jacket 2014-2015_-2

Awesome! The most Kenny-from-South Park parka we've ever seen in real life, even in the spring how could you not rock this with the hood up all season?

Analog Desolate Jacket Close Up 2014-2015_-2

[part title="Analog Quilted Jacket 2015"]

Analog Quilted Jacket 2014-2015_-2

A touch of the high street for the slopes here, Barber jackets in the park? What do you think?

[part title="Analog Variant Shirt 2015"]

Analog Variant Shirt 2014-2015_-2

You can't get much more simple than a checked shirt can you? But Analog mange to keep this classic lumberjack wear fresh.

[part title="Analog Craig Kelly Tee 2015"]

Analog PLA Kelly T-Shirt 2014-2015_-2

A classic tee for a classic rider, Craig Kelly, 'nuff said.

[part title="Analog Gloves 2015"]

Analog Shovel Gloves 2014-2015_-2

Heavy-duty mitts for the shaper in you, urban missions will finally include warm hands!

Analog Roper Gloves 2 2014-2015_-2

Plus some lightweight leather for those not-too-chilly pow days, Analog got ya back!