Born in 2005 from the minds of German pro Peter Bauer and his friend Anian Thrainer - Amplid is one of the few 'anti-apartheid' small brands out there that caters for skiers and snowboarders alike.

With an eco focus that's won them ISPO awards in the past - their supplier-to-factory production line all happens within 400km - and combines a small brand ethos with the strength and quality available in some of the best Alpine factories that Europe has to offer.

With a strong focus on R & D, their unique board geometries are consistently updated to suit the needs of their team - and here we've got a selection of samples showing what next season has in store for them.

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Amplid's Lovelife (left) is an all-mountain whip with a directional shape and set back stance that's meant to tackle it all.

Set on a combo Hybrid-V camber profile, it's available in 148 and 152, and comes with a semi-transparent topsheet so you can see a little bit of the goodness that's going on inside. You can catch our review of last year's model here.

The GoGo on the right hand, is an all-mountain ride for the ladies - it bears the same profile as its neighbour, but is a True Twin in terms of shape; and has been designed to be a smaller and softer version of the Stereo which you'll find on the next page. Edge-catch fearers will rejoice, as this has been made to eliminate twitchiness on a flat base as you zoom past any flat passages.


The Stereo (left) is meant to provide a perfect balance between playfulness and performance - tackling hard-packed corduroy while maintaining a buttery feel throughout.

It's an all-mountain true twin with a Hybrid-V profile and a wide tip and tail for soft snow. Rocker between the inserts keeps it loose, and camber under the feet beefs up the pop and engages the effective edge.

The Pocketknife lands slightly more on the jib side of things - and packs the effective edge of a much longer board into two 145 and 150cm long options.

The idea is to allow the performance of a board eight to ten cm longer without sacrificing low swing-weight - and what's more, under the Hybrid-V profile it's also hiding a weightless 'ABT' metal gauze layer to defend your extruded base from melting spots on rails.


Sitting atop Amplid's all-mountain range is the quiver killing Paradigma, offering unparalleled board control and stability with a Cruise Camber profile - while staying forgiving...

Based on a directional shape, it's mid-stiff with pop band carbon stringers and basalt suspension strips reinforcing the super-light wood core.

And to the right is the HiFi a True Twin that shares the same Cruise Camber profile that's made to take your tricks from the park into the backcountry, without missing a step.

With a large surface area for float, and Carbon POP-band reinforcement, its got kicker credentials that won't let up in the powder.


The Pillow Talk (left)was a team favourite last year - and its short, wide construction follows with a group of new powder whips that are going for a less lengthy construction.

Under foot it's a Tapered Twin shape with a Mid-Rise Rocker profile for float - and it now comes with carbon POP-band stringers for improved ollie power, without sacrificing its forgiving feel.

On the right - the UNW8 is a performance focused directional charger.

All mountain ready - it's built with a Pop Camber profile, and unwavering carves are ready for the taking here. The payoff is a stiff flex which newcomers might struggle to tame, but with lightweight honeycomb in the construction - it'll reward those who can.


The Creamer (left) - has been further refined for next season - with a new B10/30 shape and Basalt suspension strips added to this mid-stiff all-rounder.

It's been made to mix the piste-performance of the Paradigma with the powder qualities of the Morning Glory, and comes in with a Tapered Directional shape, and Cruise Camber with an early rise towards the nose.

The Morning Glory is a highly manoeuvrable surf style whip for endless fun in the powder.

Compact construction allows it the float of a much longer board, while a cambered tail combines to make a S-Rocker profile which isn't short on control and pop.


The Milligram doesn't mess about when it comes to high-end splitboarding.

Succeeding the LAB carbon - it's a Tapered Directional shape, and has Cruise Camber with an early rise, and excels in the fields of touring and carving.

If you're looking for tech specs, you can rest assured in the fact that it's packing a featherweight - Paulownia and Balso core, with Fibreglass impact pads and 'low viscosity aerospace epoxy' holding it all together.


If you're looking to make your first moves into splitboarding - the Creamer Split could be right up your street.

Essentially you're looking at an exceptional all-mountain ride with touring capability - in a Tapered Directional shape with Cruise Camber and an early rise in the nose. New Basalt suspension strips keep the vibrations low - and a superlight wood core will help ease fatigue when you're on your way up.


Finishing off the splits is the Morning Split - or as Amplid call it 'the optimist's splitboard'.

Pure powder fun is on offer here (as you'll find in the non-split equivalent) - but it's also recommended for hiking and especially 'breaking the trail' where the long nose rides above the the snowpack with minimal effort.


Amplid have two binding options on offer and The Prolific S.L. is the slightly softer of the two.

The biggest selling point for many here will be their 'Auto Open' strap system which automatically pings back, allowing you to step in without the hassle. But they also feature Asymmetrical highbacks, hidden strap endings, and a forgiving all-round ride.


Step up a gear, and the stealthily designed Balance C4.0 bindings are what you'll find.

If you want response without an overpowering feel - that's where their carbon stringers more than provide. An anatomical highback fully conforms to your foots shape, while auto-open straps make for a quick turnaround when you need to step in; and silicone cushion pads help keep things comfy too.