Facemask specialists Airhole might be a one trick pony of sorts - but they've mastered that trick and are continually pushing it in all sorts of directions.

Born out of a need for neck, face and general head warmth that DOESN'T steam up your goggles - their range provides a critical breathing hole so you don't get that facially humid sensation when you're up on the hill.

The company was founded by pro snowboarders Kale Stephens and Chris Brown in 2006, and maintains its appeal by consistently providing new variations and designs. You can catch their 2015-2016 range right here!

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Like a sleeping bag for your face - Airhole's Cinched Airtube is a new number for next season.

Trapping hot air is the trick here - as well as the obvious hole to let things out where it's essential - and we're thinking you probably won't want this on those warm days. Save it for when temperatures really drop.


True snow camo for when you're deep in the trees - this face hugging Airtube is meant for a perfect fit when worn with goggles, and will keep the moisture well away too.

Featuring antibacterial coating to keep things fresh - it should be firmly on your checklist for days when its zero to minus ten °C.


Updated for next season - this skull-design Drytec balaclava comes with a hinged Face for a little added versatility on the hill. An ideal halfway house between full face coverage, and a bit of room to let the beard loose.

Fully moisture wicking, Antibacterially coated and of course featuring that signature Airhole - it'll keep you going in mid-cold conditions.


Made for ultimate comfort - the Airhole Featherlite balaclavas feature a seamless construction for chafe-free wear - and are meant to feel like you're not wearing anything (on your head only...).

Of course they're also moisture wicking and have antibacterial coating, so you'll be maximising your chances of a comfortable ride.


The hybrid knitted Beanieclava is a two-in one that shouldn't leave you overheating and uncomfortable.

It's been made in a super-soft acrylic yarn, and is Airholed up too - again, it's another one made for zero to minus ten °C.


The Standard facemask from Airhole is ideal for those of you who like to keep things on the swivel, with a quick release anti-hair pulling velcro latch at the back.

Made with a weather resistant polyester outer, and a fleece liner, they can tackle the conditions when the temperature drops, and won't leave you stuck if it keeps changing throughout the day.