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Airblaster Jacket Selection 2014-2015-2

Here at Whitelines we love Airblaster; the guys from Portland know how to have fun and have been showing the boarding world how since Travis Parker released the first leg-bag ten years ago.

I'm an extra-big sucker for their gear, this was the stand I was most excited about at ISPO so it was a treat to see such rad products for next year. Enjoy folks, and Stay Wild!

Airblaster Shirt Selection Streetwear 2014-2015-2

[part title="Airblaster Billyclava 2015"]

Airblaster Billyclava Headwear 2014-2015-2

Bizarrely we kinda predicted this one a few weeks ago in the office, a balaclava with a peak? Of course... And the catalog has a dog modeling it, brilliant.

[part title="Airblaster Headwear 2015"]

Airblaster Ninja Face and Terryclava Headwear 2014-2015-2

As well as the Billyclave there is a whole host of sweet hats, hoods and 'clavas to keep your noggin toasty next winter. Personally I'm enjoying the Hawaiian camo!

Airblaster Team and Stay Wild Headwear 2014-2015-2

[part title="Airblaster Freedom Suit 2015"]

Airblaster Freedom Suit Hot Mango Jacket 2014-2015-2

A staple in the Airblaster line-up has always been the Freedom Suit, onesie to me or you, but these ones also pack a serious fart bag game-changer: poo holes! Yup, you can unzip and crap without getting tangled up in the classic wet French restaurant bog, viva la revolution!

Airblaster Freedom Suit Selection 2014-2015-2

[part title="Airblaster Grumpy Jacket 2015"]

Airblaster Grumpy Grizzly Jacket 2014-2015-2

Sweet lookin' new grumpy jacket for ya, check out the little Airblaster dude on the sleeve!

Airblaster Jacket Guy 2014-2015-2

[part title="Airblaster AB/BC Jacket 2015"]

Airblaster AB-BC Tie Dye Jacket 2014-2015-2

Easily one of the (my) favourite colourways on display at ISPO this year, take a look at this tie-dye take on the most thermal jacket in the range. Weeeee!

[part title="Airblaster Breakwinder Jacket 2015"]

Airblaster Breakwinder Orange Jacket 2014-2015-2

Product name of the year? And a great orange too, drool...

[part title="Airblaster Shirt Jacket 2015"]

Airblaster Shirt Jacket Old Yeller Jacket 2014-2015-2

Perfect for shredding or even hunting moose, though we might advise a quieter shade for such activities... But again with the naming game, Ol' Yeller is a perfect colour name for this 'shacket.'

[part title="Airblaster Yeti Jacket 2015"]

Airblaster Yeti 3L Rainstorm Jacket 2014-2015-2

Airblaster's Sasquatch range is made from recycled gore tex, so it's good for you and the environment, and your steeze!

[part title="Airblaster Papoose Jacket 2015"]

Airblaster Papoose Pastel Jacket 2014-2015-2

Some for the ladies now, sweet colour way again and loving the neck details. Finally anoraks are cool again...

[part title="Airblaster Work Pony Jacket 2015"]

Airblaster Workpony Powder Jacket 2014-2015-2

More ladies wear, heavy weather/powder proofing and a different coloured hood sets this one apart. But the winner for this range is the one below, that camouflage is actually a dinosaur print! Rad!

Airblaster Workpony Dinoflage Jacket 2014-2015-2

[part title="Airblaster Outlast Tech Flannel 2015"]

Airblaster Outlast Tech Flannel Peyote Streetwear 2014-2015-2

Streetwear now, how dope is this riding flannel? Perfect for spring park shredding.

[part title="Airblaster Sassy Pullover"]

Airblaster Sassy Pullover Streetwear 2014-2015-2

An emerging design classic we're sure... Jumpers are always great for apre-shred chilling, especially if they feature a happy yeti.

[part title="Airblaster Raglan Sleeve 2015"]

Airblaster Raglan Sleeve Charcol Burgandy Streetwear 2014-2015-2

More unusually under-stated clothes from the Portland crew, but check it out paired with some of their tie-dye below:

Airblaster Raglan Sleeve and Sunset Tie Dye Red Yellow Tee Streetwear 2014-2015-2

Sweet as stuff from a sweet as brand, keep on truckin' Airblaster!