686 is the brainchild of Michael Akira West who first stepped on a skateboard in the early eighties. As part of the early Venice Beach skate scene, Mike was introduced to snowboarding in 1985 - and 7 years later he started to build 686 from the ground up.

Now over twenty years old 686 has always been independently owned and stands for unique progression. Rider run, 686 sponsors a solid team of up and coming riders.

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Talented man that he is - Forest Bailey stepped up to design the marble effect on his Cosmic Collection jacket. One of many pieces in this selection that has been guided by his own unique influence.

This year's theme seems to be a sort of spacey psychedelia, so if that's your bag, you're in the right place maayn...


The ultimate utility pant for those who specialise in herbs and spices. Forest's requested the addition of a fold out flap on these to aid in the rolling processes, as well plenty of little compartments for your papers too.

Earthy colours on the outside come up against more of that marbling on the liner, with a few splashes of red thrown in for good measure.


This Ying/Yang style combo is Forest Bailey's cosmic collection Pro Mitt - complete with the image that you'll see on the other clothing too, which was influenced by the phases of the moon.


It wouldn't be a full collection without the accessories to go with it - and this Forest's snood design wraps things up nicely (in more ways than one).

In keeping with the marbled blue/red of the Cosmic Jacket - this one also features perforations around the mouth, so your steamy goggle risk will be kept low, while you're keeping warm.


The clue's in the name with 686's Authentic Arcade camo jacket - and if this doesn't take you back to 90s cartoons and computer games, we don't know what will.

Fortunately the tech's been upped a fair whack since then, so even with its retro stylings, you're getting a solid 10k/10k jacket here.


The flip side to the Authentic Arcade jacket, is this more modern take - the Smarty Form Jacket in green.

A more modern take on things, you're looking at another 10k/10k item here, but with a block coloured technical look instead of a throwback.


686 have teamed up with the facemask guys at Airhole for their thermal layers this year - and there's a definite theme on these Jailbird items.

This here is just the top version with a lovely bit of hood action going on too to help you seal up all the gaps - so even if you're on the run, there's no chance of that warmth escaping.


If you're really intent on staying toasty - there's few better tools than an all in one base layer to lock in everthing you're generating. Running with the jail-break theme once more, this has got to be a seasonaire's dream - thermal and fancy dress all in one!


Coming in at a tidy 15k/10k - the Hydra is 686's best selling jacket.

Simple design and functionality are the key here - with this year's model keeping the asymmetric vibes, but opting for a single-colour classic sky blue and yellow zip colourway.


It might not actually protect you against slurries of molten rock - but 686's Marco Feichtner jacket is pretty damn tech!

20k/15k with a standout design that'll carry you through it all - we can see the influence of previous GLCR jackets in this one, but that lava is a Marco touch for sure.


If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times - military inspired looks are pretty much a constant when it comes to snowboarding gear!

And that's definitely the feeling we're getting from Phil Jacques snood and mitt combo - with a more modern take than the Arcade jacket - and is that a handy stash pocket on the mitts?


The father of freestyle announced the re-release of SIMS' 1550 from 1985 last year - and if you're looking to kit yourself out with the full Kidwell gear - here's the rest to complete your collection.

This throwback comes with removable name patches, so you can add your own if you want, or just ride on wearing them with pride.