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Boots. If you get the wrong ones, you will have a shit time snowboarding. Simple as that. But while fit is obviously the most important thing, we haven't personally put our feet in a single pair of the boots we're writing about.

So we're judging them on photographs and what they felt like to pick up at a tradeshow. But then hey, you want a boot that looks good as well as feels good right?

[part title="Adidas Blauvelt"]

Adidas Blauvelt Boot

Adidas have followed the lead of Nike, and now make snowboard boots as well as football boots. They've got themselves a heavy hitting team, so had to make them something they'd actually want to ride in. The Blauvelt is Jake's signature boot, and it looks pretty classy. These things have actually got an integrated Recco avalanche rescue system, that's rad!

[part title="DC Mutiny"]


[part title="Adidas Samba"]

Adidas Samba

We all remember when the Samba first appeared in 1950, and since then it has made its way from the football pitch to the feet of skateboarders, and now it's on snow. This is much softer than the Blauvelt, and is the boot of choice for Forest Bailey and Keegan Valaika.

It's looks are a bit calmer than Jake's boot too, much more skate influenced. Adidas boots also have a pretty amusing feature to counter your smelly feet, they put recycled coffee grounds into the footbed and internal liner! I love the thought that they have a job titled 'coffee sprinkler' in the factory.

[part title="Deeluxe Empire Lara"]


Here is a Timberland inspired boot for the ladies from Deeluxe, and it looks pretty nice. Classic colourway with a nice simple design. It also feature the motif 'Pull Me' on the top of the tongue. I just might want to if I see you out and about in these fresh stompers.

[part title="Head Team Boa Hybrid"]


[part title="K2 Darko"]


These didn't honestly jump out at me the first time I saw them, but the more I look the more they're growing on me. Maybe it's the deep mahogany that's doing it. I had some skate shoes once that had a similar velcro strap on the toe to stop the laces snapping, If you're gnarly enough to kickflip in your boots then I guess you won't have to worry about that little problem, nice one K2.

[part title="Nike Zoom Kaiju"]


Nike seem pretty good at making boots that look like their shoes, I don't know if I've ever seen green snowboard boots before, let alone ones that I'd actually wear. These probably won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I reckon they're pretty class. Nice to see something a bit different anyway.

[part title="Danny Kass Zoom DK"]


Danny Kass is a vibrant character, and his boots are a pretty good reflection of that. Love or hate 'em, fair play to the guy for making these sparkly boots a reality.

[part title="Northwave Freedom SL"]


[part title="Travis Rice Signature Boot"]


[part title="Ride Rook"]


A simple, no nonsense snowboard boot from Ride. These will keep your feet more than content out on the hill, the shops, the woods, or wherever else you wear your boots.

[part title="Thirty Two Maven"]


This is Joe Sexton's new boot from Thirty Two, and is another of my favourites for this season. Classic and non complicated lace system, clean design, and an excellent colour. Topped off with some nice gold lace hooks in there too. These actually have a lower profile than the standard snowboard boot, allowing for better flex and a more skate like feel so you can twist about and tweak grabs like a demon.

[part title="Thirty Two Prime"]


[part title="Thirty Two STW Boa"]


I had a look just now and couldn't find this Iron-Bru colourway online anywhere, but we have a photo so they must have been real at some point. Again, probably not for everyone. Some of you thugs out there have definitely ridden in basketball shirts in these colours though, and you're probably loving these.

[part title="Thirty Two TM2"]


These are visually pretty hectic. Spiderman meets desert camo meets snowboarding.

[part title="Thirty Two Lashed FT"]


[part title="Thirty Two Lashed "]


The tie dye colourway for the Lashed is available for both men and women, and will probably be seen everywhere this winter. The Lashed is one of the best-selling snowboard boots in the world after all.

[part title="Vans Infuse"]


The Vans Infuse boot looks awesome. I'm a sucker for shoe stylings on a boot, and am loving the lower lace hooks and suede vibes coming from these things. Subtle but classy colourway too. Apparently Markus Keller (star of the forthcoming Volcom movie ChamAleon) has been rocking these of late. Don't blame 'im!