Have you ever wished there was an easy way of putting candid shots from your private collection online? Or been able to ogle pictures of your neighbour's (cambered) curves from the comfort of your bedroom? Well good news, thanks to you can now upload and view vintage snowboard collections from around the world!

Yup, we're all guilty of a bit of board nerdery, and most of us have even had secret fantasies about owning one board or another from a fondly remembered shred flick back in the day, now these guys are celebrating the nerd in all of us.


In their own words:

Almost every surf/skate/snow boarder likes to nerd out over equipment -

new or old.

I wanted to be able to display my collection online so I started building

a simple website to allow me to do that. One idea led to another and

before long I'd come up with something a bit bigger and better -

The premise is super simple:

1 - sign up (it's quick and free)

2 - upload your boards and board-related stuff

3 - browse and search other people's quivers

4 - show people your quiver at

5 - set up email alerts to notify when stuff you're interested in gets


6 - nerd out/trade/discuss with like-minded people

I only just released the website "into the wild" the other day and already

hundreds of people have signed up from all around the world!


A bit of harmless fun right? Just don't let your girlfriend catch you scrolling through hundreds of clandestine photos at two in the morning...