A follow cam selfie doesn't appear to make much sense at first glance, until you watch the video above and see what Next Level have in store for the future: a copter-cam that tracksyour movements and automatically follows you down the mountain. You can check out their website here.

They reckon when their camera system is launched you'll be able to pre-frame your shot using a smartphone and then set it to fly at a given distance from you whilst you take a run down the piste, park or powder field.

Pretty amazing stuff, if they can pull it off it will mean gone are the days of wonky follow cam footage from your mates, instead it could mean you'll have instant playback of some seriously smooth, heli-steady shots.

It's pretty similar to this video that went around the internet a couple of months ago - a guy ripping a self-shot line down a mountain only to let go of the camera and have it chase him down the face.

Xavier de le Rue is reportedly already on board with this product, how sick would this kind of closely tracked shot look tearing down an Alaskan spine? If this thing can keep up with XdlR it'll be sure to be plenty fast enough for the likes of you and me.

We're not sure exactly how well these systems will work, but as soon as we get our hands on one we'll be sure to let you know.