Being a gear site, we see our fair share of snowboard hoodies crossing the threshold of Whitelines Towers. From standard cotton affairs to the new breed of 'tech' riding hoods, it takes something special to turn our heads, but as soon as we tried on the 'Shredduh' hoodie from Brethren Apparel we knew we'd found something special, so we decided to hit them up for a collab and release our first new piece of merch in years: the Lines Riding Hoodie!

First up, they look dope. Properly proportioned for riding, they're loose and comfortable at your normal tee shirt size and will add a bit of swag without going full freeski-tard if you go up one. They go down past your waist to provide midriff protection on the hill, but are a far cry from that below-the-knees steeze of yesteryear.


"This thing will take some abuse. Fits really good too."

Not only that, but the number of features they pack in make them sound more like jackets than snowboard hoodies:

They've been flying off the shelves since we released them, and the first reviews have just started to come in:

"Mine arrived yesterday. Way better than I thought it was going to be! Way tougher built. I was expecting a hoody with a DWR coating, this thing will take some abuse. Fits really good too."

If you want to cop one yourself, you best get moving over to our store and nab one fast as they won't be hanging around for long!

Sizing Info

S = 24" wide/25.5" tall

M = 25"/27.5"

L = 26"/29.5"

XL = 27"/31.5"