tim eddy gear reviews cover

If you're ever struggling with what to spend your hard earned cash on - internet based gear reviews are a handy way to get the process started.

You can normally expect a rundown of information - tech features and the like - that will guide you gently from 'that looks nice' to 'Yes - I need this shit!'...

But if you've ever stumbled upon one of Tim Eddy's personal product endorsements, you may well have a slightly different experience. Expect questionable 'facts', pizza-box dancing, and general insanity as we delve into the archives:

Tim Eddy's snowboard review for the K2 Happy Hour ad absurdum - half facts, wild promises and deep breathing - signatures of a truly great commercial.

"Are you ready to free-dance?" Umm - yea...

When people first saw Airblaster's Freedom suit - I'm fairly sure their two main questions were whether it was good for tomahawking and pooping - well Tim Eddy answers those questions RIGHT HERE! It's a yes on both counts folks - result!

Apocalypse snow and the man himself encounter some heavy ski-mogul action and throw shapes - the long running meme of the ski party lives on!

Being 'action sports' fans - I'm assuming we've all dreamed of taking on the role of Vin Diesel in xXx, right? Tim Eddy takes on a pinnacle moment from snowboarding in the mainstream - complete with the hardest shredding Argos snowboard ever.