As we reported back in May, Burton has been on a tear recently, opening new retail stores all across Europe. Last night saw the official opening of the Munich outlet, located opposite the city’s famous Viktualienmarkt.

The new arrival was marked in the time-honoured tradition of packing the place out with snowboarders and getting them rat-arsed. Everyone seemed impressed with this new two-floor shred emporium, and we’re pretty sure it wasn’t just the Moscow Mules talking.

Naturally it’s stacked to the rafters with Burton’s 2018/19 range, covering everything from boards and bindings to backpacks and splitboard gear. As you might expect from a brand with over 40 years in the game, the walls are also dotted with retro rarities such as the Burton PJ - Peter Bauer and Jean Nerva’s carving weapon – and a vintage Burton Air. 

Burton bosses Jake and Donna Carpenter were in the house, ahead of their more long-term move to Europe for the coming winter. Team riders Anna Gasser, Terje Haakonsen, Clemens MillauerSeppl Ramsbacher and Marko Grilc dropped in too, handing out custom-painted snowboards to a few lucky attendees.

"It’s good to see someone putting down a long-term commitment to classic brick-and-mortar retail"

In these internet-dominated times, opening a new store (loads of them, in fact) is a statement of intent from Burton. While the convenience of one-click shopping won’t be going away any time soon, it’s good to see someone putting down a long-term commitment to classic brick-and-mortar retail.

It may all be only one brand, but the B’s range is comprehensive enough to cover every ability level and style of riding. Plus as far as we’re concerned, any opportunity to actually get the gear in your hands before you buy it is to be encouraged. That goes double for boots.

So, good people of Munich, your new Burton store is open for business. Check it out at Frauenstraße 10, just round the corner from Marienplatz.