Snowboarding - there's no doubt that it's a rich man's game when all's said and done. After you racked up the costs of travel, accommodation, lift pass, warm clothes yada yada there's no normally a lot of budget to splash out for the shred stick of your dreams.

For some of course, money is no object when it comes to the shred, hence the very niche market of the ultra-expensive boards, the highest priced we've outlined here.

Read on but keep your wallet in your pocket - your moneys no good here.


Though it is one of the more expensive women's snowboards we've ever seen, this Burton's price isn't too bad compared to other splitboards (though this doesn't include the cost of the skins, attachments etc.).


Based on Jones' flagship board - The Flagship - this is a slimmed down, beefed up version sold only to expert snowboarders for "high-speed freeriding and freeride competitions," according to the Jones website.

With a carbon topsheet as well as the usual stringers, this promises maximum stiffness for minimum weight, a mere 3kg in fact. The perfect accompaniment to that no-expense-spared heli trip of your dreams.


We had the chance to pick up one of Amplid's bad boys whilst shooting for this year's buyers' guide and Lord, it is light. 2.3kg to be precise. It's actually quite surreal holding a snowboard that light in the same way as catching a foam brick throws you off guard.

Like the Jones it uses carbon to increase strength whilst drastically decreasing weight, making the up as effortless as the down. Impressive stuff.


Mystery by name, mystery by nature - Burton don't let on an awful lot about their high-end model other than cryptic, sciencey sounding names like its 'Methlon Base' (what is methlon?) and 'Mystery Glass' formula topsheet.

What they promise though is a hyper-light, all-mountain charger, and that price - it better ride the whole hill.



Although it was originally conceived as a jocular, thumbed-nose at the Burton Method (the previous high-end, lightweight Burton model), Mervin were surprised when the original pre-order for the eye-wateringly expensive, 'hand-poured by Mike Olsen' Lib Tech CYGNUS' pre-orders sold out almost instantly. Bemused, they upped the price again, only to have it sell even faster.

The latest model now promises 'self healing sidewalls' and 'organic, volcanic basalt and a Magnesium Oxide Strand' in place of fibreglass, making it easily the most expensive production board going.