Dan Brisse is excited to announce a new eyewear sponsor, DYE. Both DYE and Dan want to create projects and products that showcase the level of intensity behind professional snowboarding. Everyone is stoked on this new partnership and Brisse is already in the process of designing a new signature series goggle called the "CLK Goggle". Brisse will also continue to work closely with DYE as they develop and test their new protective gear for the 13/14 line.

Dan's dedication and passion for snowboarding has earned him two X-Games Real Snow victories, multiple video parts and loads of cover shots! So DYE signing Dan Brisse was definitely a good choice!

Dan Brisse Signature Series Goggle

Dan will join a diverse team which includes Bjorn Leines, Aaron Biittner, Ville Uotila and up comers like Madison Ellsworth, Jordan Phillips and Zack Black.