DC always have fun vibes, here are 6 products for 2013/14 that we're digging.

[part title="DCLA Jacket"]


Varsity jackets, they're everywhere at the moment. Which is a good thing if you like them, as you've got plenty of choices available. Here is DC's stab at the style for 2013/14.

[part title="Mega Snowboard"]


DC seem to have fun with their graphics. This star of this one is a bear, in fishing gear, fishing. Like our friend Mr Bear, this all terrain board will go anywhere.

[part title="Rogan Boot"]


Normally I go the Henry Ford route with boots but I rather like this colourway on the Rogan. There are some cheeky gold lace hooks in there too, so you can sparkle while you ride and impress the ladies.

[part title="Stage Jacket"]


This looks madly warm, and it's got a pretty nice colour scheme going on as well. With this you can inform people about your favoured recreational pastime, without having to say a single word to them.

[part title="Travis Rice Boot"]


Travis Rice's signature kicks literally look like space boots. As you'd expect from the appearance, they are full of foot tech. I don't know how any this future stuff really works, but retailing at nearly £300, I expect you'll be comfy.


This ski patroller from the 80's must have heard how popular snowboarding at the moment, which made him turn over and then out of his grave and onto the slopes to sort out the rope jumpers and sign ignorers. Nice detailing on this one.