To complement the new product search section of our sister site Mpora, we're launching a new section of dedicated entirely to snowboard gear. We'll be posting regular reviews of various bits of snowboard kit, from sunglasses for spring shredding all the way up to £1,000-plus snowboards, so keep your eyes peeled for the skinny on all the best kit out there. Dunno about you, but it's dropped a few degrees where we are, and it's definitely bordering on glove weather. About time to be honest - it's mid January for Chrissake! Anyway, it gives us a great excuse to kick off this new section with a review of the Defcon Protocol Pipe Glove.

The (deep breath) Protocol Digi Camo Neon Damian gloves are pretty lairy to look at, and packed with the usual top Defcon tech. These are pipe gloves, which are thin, and offer more movement and finger dexterity than say mittens. They're designed more with spring shredding and park riding in mind. Made of breathable neoprene, they'll keep your hands from getting too sweaty and clammy when you ride, and while they're not thick enough to be worn on Scott-style Antarctic expeditions, they'll keep you warm enough for any park or rail sesh. To read more about these gloves, compare prices and check out other similar models, have a look at Mpora Gear here.