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Burton Luggage Board Bags 2 2014-2015

In between sampling weird croissant/hot dog hybrids and struggling through huge steins, the Whitelines team has managed to grab some shots of the best of next years gear at the world's largest snowsports tradeshow, ISPO Munich.

Burton have a huge stand resembling their very own trade fair; you can check out their hardware and outerwear previews on our site, but here are their luggage and accessories, due to hit the shops next winter.

[part title="Burton Rucksacks 2014-2015"]

Burton Luggage Rucksacks 2014-2015

Here's the full range of Burton's standard rucksacks for next year, guarenteed to make your swag swagger.

Burton Luggage Rucksacks 2 2014-2015
Burton Luggage Packs 2014-2015

[part title="Burton Messenger Satchel 2014-2015"]

Burton Luggage Messenger Bag 2 2014-2015

Perfect for lugging your business documents around town in style.

[part title="Burton High Cascade Backpack 2014-2015"]

Burton Luggage High Cascade Pack Black 2014-2015

Wishing you could get involved with High Cascade Snowboard Camps this summer but can't make it to the States? Luckily Burton have made the perfect pack for you.

[part title="Burton ABS Backpack 2014-2015"]

Burton ABS Backpack Purple Jacket 2014-2015

Sweet looking ABS pack from Burton here, though it is advisable to keep it deflated during normal use.

Burton ABS Backpack 2014-2015

[part title="Burton Board Bags 2014-2015"]

Burton Luggage Board Bags 3 2014-2015

Fed up of losing your luggage at the airport? Next year you'll be able make sure all your bags match, even down to your wash bag and snowboard boots!

[part title="Burton Gloves 2014-2015"]

Burton Gloves Range 2014-2015

Gloves to keep your hands warm! Packed with features to suit any conditions and even let you use an iPhone without taking them off.

[part title="Burton Shaun White Leather Satchel"]

Burton Black Luggage Jacket 2014-2015

Shaun White even has a pro model bag to help him look swish whilst in his outerwear gear, awesome!