Burton have announced the launch of a new range of outerwear that promises to be more comfortable than anything else on the market.

"Living Lining" is a three-layer system comprising of a waterproof shell (so far, so normal), breathable insulation (OK, we're getting tech now) and most interesting of all "smart fibres".

The idea is to take temperature regulation to the next level. When you warm up, the smart fibres expand like pores in your skin to allow more heat to escape, and conversely they contract as the mercury plummets (thankfully it's not made from actual skin – that would be weird).

The insulation material is designed to vent moisture towards the surface, while the exterior fabric provides reliable shelter from the elements – making for a consistently warm and comfortable riding experience.


The new tech has been incorporated into a whole range of jackets on the Burton store including the best-selling Dunmore Jacket pictured above. Go check em out.