The Whitelines crew is currently camped out at ISPO in Munich, the biggest snowsports trade show and general mad house in the world, to bring you previews of all the best gear hitting shelves and online stores for next winter.

Being the largest snowboard brand Burton's stall is huge and packs a mind-melting amount of kit; the hardware on offer has its own post, but for now we'll focus on the outerwear you can expect to on a hill near you in 2015; you're welcome.

Burton Christian Haller Jacket in Brown

Burton Christian Haller Jacket Brown Pants Black 2 2014-2015

Is it a shirt? Is it a jacket? We're not too sure, maybe a jirt or a shacket, whichever it's bound to make you look pretty damn fresh, especially aired with these black pants.

Burton Mark McMorris Signature Outerwear

Burton Mark McMorris Jacket Grey Pants Khaki 2014-2015

Looking good Mark! Plain and simple from the Canuck, we like it almost as much as we like him!

Burton Seppe Smits Signature Outerwear

Burton Seppe Smits Jacket Grey Red Pants 2014-2015

Understated seems to be Burton's outerwear statement for next season, with the Grey and Red Seppe Smits pro combo flashing bright, but not enough to hurt your eyes. And wearing this probably makes your flat spins as sick as Seppe's. That's what Burton told us anyway.

Burton Shaun White Signature Collection

Burton Shaun White Jacket Leather Pants Black 2014-2015

If the stealth bomber look is the one you want to go for next year then look no further; the Tomohawking Tangerine has designed this black leather bomber with stretchy pants, perfect for fans of 'Sons of Anarchy.'

Burton Enni Rukajarvi Signature Outerwear

Burton Enni Rukajarvi Outerwear 2014-2015

We're huge fans of Enni and have equal love for this jacket; getting the 'aztec/faded 60s' vibe about as perfectly as we've seen yet, this is one we're looking forward to seeing in apres bars next year.

Burton Kelly Clark Signature Outerwear

Burton Kelly Clark Outerwear 2014-2015

Dope jacket and pants compbo from the queen of the women's halfpipe, the rad blue and white patches on this are probably to there hypnotise her opponents as she spins to victory.

Burton Kimi Fasani Signature Outerwear

Burton Kimmy Fasani Outerwear 2014-2015

We're loving this vibrant orange jacket from Burton and Kimi Fasani, teamed with these plain and simple blue pants its a look that shouldn't work, but definitely does. Well done Kimi!

Burton Cilka Sadar Signature Outerwear

Burton Laura Hadar Outerwear 2014-2015

Our personal favourite from the Burton ladies collection, Cilka seems to have gone for the earthy tones to go with her chilled out pipe style. Loving the anorak!

Burton AK Jacket Yellow

Burton AK Jacket Yellow 2014-2015

The Burton AK range has been popular for a few years now and next year's ranges looks set to no different. Warm, waterproof and easy to spot in the pow, what else would you want for backcountry shred times?

Burton Camo Jacket

Burton Camo Snowboard Jacket 2014-2015

Camo snowboard gear has been mega-popular this year and its refreshing to see a slightly different take on it with this spotty/camo jacket. We're not entirely sure what this one is called but we're pretty sure it'll be popular.

Burton Leaf Pattern Jacket

Burton Leaf Pattern Jacket 2014-2015

'Muted Hawaiian' sums this up the best, or Angus Leith on a down day. Either way its pretty sweet, and hella waterproof too courtesy of Burton's AK tech.

Burton Kid's Onsies

Burton Disney Pixar Kids Onesie 2014-2015

And finally, never mind Duthie's strange face in the back drop of this shot, how much better will your kids be shredding kitted out in these onsies. Well maybe maybe not much better, but they'll have more fun for sure, which means more shred time for you right? Yeah...

Burton Disney Pixar Kids Onesies Rail Detail 2014-2015
Burton Disney Pixar Kids Onesies Rail 2014-2015