Bataleon, the brand responsible for that hugely popular Triple Base Technology malarky are getting involved in the outerwear game this season. With so much choice when it comes to picking your snowboard threads, it definitely takes something unique and innovative to capture the hearts, minds and wallets of the snowboard consumer these days. We reckon it's all about the subtleties and hidden features, incorporated to either 1) make you look the dog's bollocks or 2) make snowboarding a more enjoyable/hassle free experience, which is something that Bataleon have definitely been paying attention to with their new outerwear line.

As we all know from being regular viewers of Dragon's Den, good inventions are designed to solve problems. So in a way that would make Theo Paphitis solidly nod in approval, Bataleon have taken that very approach and addressed three major outerwear annoyances:

Problem 1: The irritating way that normal jackets ride up above your waist when you poke out a method or wave your arms above your head. Solution: cuts and tailoring that allow you to move your arms above your head.

Problem 2: Most jacket hoods don't fit over helmets and if they do, they are usually really uncomfortable. Solution: make the hood bigger and widen the collar (duh)!

Problem 3: Vent zippers that get stuck open resulting in you freezing your tits off (almost literally). Solution: make zippers that don't get stuck and that can be operated with one hand.

Bataleon have come up with two complete 'outfits,' one with a more fitted cut and the other with a more relaxed one and the pants and jackets are designed so that they can be mixed and matched. All of the pieces have a 10k/10k waterproof/breathability rating to keep you dry and toasty. Head over to the Bataleon website for more info on the new threads.