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Snowboard fashion is cyclical - we all know this. From the neon Lycra of the 80s to the plaid shirts of the 90s, back through to the garish tones of the last decade and finishing up with the muted/pastel pallet of the now - what goes around comes around.

The same can be said for board shapes, and with the recent throwback vogue of choosing directional shapes it's no surprise that this year there are more bindingless and snurfer products available than ever before. Here are five of our favourites for winter 2014/15:

[part title="Noboard 'Bindings' - $179"]


Well, it's not actually a board, but this natty stomp pad and leash combo from Noboard allows you to turn any snowboard into a snurfer, or alternatively stabilise an existing one.

Perfect to freshen up that old whip at the back of the cupboard you thought was lost forever!

They also have a sweet video from almost a decade ago, check it out:

[part title="Powsurf Slasher - $380"]


Grassroots Powsurfingmake a number of twin and directional skate-inspired snurfer decks, but this - The Slasher - is our favourite.

Available in either 120 or 140 cm, this little beauty promises to be one of the more forgiving snurfers out there, perfect for entry level riders, and the rubber griptape cleverly locks your feet in place with no need for a rope pull.

[part title="Jones Snurfer - <£300"]


Jones have been making Gentemstick inspired boards for a few years now, so it's no surprise their getting in on the bindingless market too.

The simplest board in this list, the simple hooks make locking into turns easy, plus a quoted price of 'less than £300' makes this the cheapest one here too.

[part title="ÄSMO Fish V3 - €890"]


ÄSMO and Wolle Nyvelt have been making surfers for years - you will have seen a selection in any of his Absinthe parts. Though we've yet to try one, this fish shaped beast looks the raddest.

Available with either a wooden or P-Tex base and a range of colourways/veneers, where you put the stomp pads and leash is completely up to you you too. It better be though, pushing the €900 mark puts this firmly into the luxury category of snowboards.

[part title="Burton Piledriver - £480"]


Based loosely on the classic Fish, Burton have kitted out the latest model in the Family Tree powder series - The Piledriver - with 'Filet-O-Flex' pads around the channel binding system, allowing the rider to choose whether or not to take bindings up with them in the morning. You could even stash them in your pack!

With clever modern features like a hybrid rocker, a sidecut that extends all the way to the tail and the widest point being placed directly under the front foot for extra stability and control, this backcountry beast is our pick of the bunch.

£480 is a lot of money for a snurfer you can only use on those super deep days, but it's a steal for one that can transform into a competitor to the YES 420 for when the conditions are anything less than prime - what a board!