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Every year at the ISPO tradeshow, brands and pros have to ignore the powder outside and spend a few days showing off their new stuff for the following season all together inside several huge old aircraft hangers. This gear will be in the shops about now, so we thought it'd be a good time to share a few of the things that caught our eye. Here are 25 fine-looking snowboard jackets we wouldn't mind being seen out and about in this coming winter.


Here are a few of 686's women's jackets - it's the one in the middle we like the most here. That russet colourway and simple but classy styling is bang on trend.


Airblaster seem to have more fun than anyone else, and this is a fine example of just that. You and all your new half leopard-half-zebra mates will probably have a wonderful time in this.


The line between street and mountain wear is pretty blurred, as is apparent with this jacket, which takes its inspiration from the Barbour. The tan collar and tartan lining on this aptly named piece look pretty snazzy in my opinion.


If you're down with the flower print 5 panel look, or love conservatory furniture cushions, then this may well be the suit for you. Airblaster are never afraid to push the boat out, and this Freedom Suit is bold, to say the least!


It's always nice to see something a little different, who doesn't like strings? They look pretty nice, and you can lace yourself up like a boot. That central stash pocket also looks pretty functional.


Photographs are awesome. They often appear on walls, boards and t-shirts, so why not jackets? You'll get stoked every time it catches your eye when you put it on or take it off. Plus it's a potential conversation starter in a bar, if you're desperate.


This jacket, another one from Analog, looks cosy. Nice details all over, double breasted buttons, good drawstrings, nice little patch. Most importantly, breast pockets for dangling your arms, Napoleon style. It's the most comfortable type of pocket there is.


Billabong clearly know that less is more, and have opted for a simple but very classy design on this one. Grey but with minimal tan detailing on the pockets and zips. The cut of this jacket looks smart and cool.


This 'pumpkin spice'coloured jacket is another nice and simple design from Billabong. It's got pockets, sleeves, and a hood. What's not to like?


A sweet-looking riding shirt/jacket from Bonfire. Loving the leather patches on the shoulders and the button-style poppers.


Swedish brand CLWR do classic looking parkas pretty well. This one comes in a variety of different colourways, with this red version being one of the brightest.


If you're into the music of Peter Tosh and the biblical principle of "grass for the cattle, 'erbs for the use of man" then you should check out this sweet jacket from DC. Loved the quilting, and how warm this felt.


Everyone seems to be jumping on the camo train, and this M-51 Fishtail jacket by Holden is one of the best of the bunch. Classic military styling, long cut, fishtail at the back. I want this.


Neff have gone for a simple red and black colourway for this one. Contrasting sleeves and body, with detailing on the pockets and logo on the breast. This definitely has a coaches jacket vibe but in what looks like a nice long cut. No idea what's with that one on the right though...


If you like bourbon and black metal, this denim cut-off/check shirt combo from Nitro's outerwear brand L1 will probably be right up your street. Harley Davidson not included.


Unsurprisingly, seeing as they've got Messrs. Müller and Rüf on their team, Nike are producing some pretty tech backcountry outerwear this season. Check the waterproof zips on this bright red jacket.


We like this kind of beige mustard-y colour that quite a few brands seem to be into this winter, but the main reason we're fans of this Oakley jacket is cos it's designed and worn by Jake Blauvelt. Proper tech and cool-looking to boot.


O'Neill are combining beige and denim material here in an understated colour combo. Medium fit, and relatively warm, this looks like a great all-rounder.


This utility jacket from Quicksilver is pretty sweet. Green herringbone with a simple three pocket front. Classy.


The 32 Venice is the signature jacket from Scott Stevens. It's a lot less gangster than the Shiloh, but sweet in it's own right. This has a simple, no nonsense workshirt look about it that will definitely turn heads.


Yellow jackets, love 'em or hate 'em they're a part of snowboarding. Personally, we love 'em, especially this offering from Vans. It's Tyler Chorlton's jacket, and features a wax canvas material much like a Barbor, which wears away as it's used. So if you're into maintaining your equipment, you should love this.


A chunky-looking down jacket from Volcom, with chunky colour-blocking to match. This is seriously warm, with down beneath the outer layer. If you want to head deep into the backcountry, this might be the one for you.


This jacket from Westbeach looks like a take on the classic snorkel parka that has a solid place in English heritage. It's got a warm looking hood, and arm dangling breast pockets which are super useful and comfy.


Ever wanted to be a fisherman? Well this Pullover jacket from Westbeach will help you look a little bit like one. Mac styling with a big central pocket for all your stickers and ductape or whatever. Those four buttons look like they do up into a pretty snug hood to keep the gnarly blizzards off your face.


Cut is important when it comes to jackets, and this ladies' jacket from Zimstern is quietly elegant. Looks pretty warm too, if a photo can look warm.