LUEX is YOUR specialized travel agency and booking platform for Surf, Ski and Snowboarding trips all around the globe.

Since we started LUEX / LineUpEXplorers in 2007 we are all about:
* Plenty of Sick Trips
* Objective Expert Advice
* Best Price Guarantee

as well as:
* Safe Bookings
* Service
* Internet Convenience

Nothing more, nothing less and as easy as that!

Plenty of Sick Trips
LUEX offers the largest selection of trips worldwide. Therefore we have the best chances of all of our competitors to find what really suits YOUR requirements. Most of our competitors offer only a limited selection of 40-50 travel packages. But there is much more on offer. LUEX made an extra effort and is now able to offer several hundred of options. If you don’t find YOUR trip with us you won’t find it anywhere!

Objective Expert Advice
Experienced surfers, skiers or snowboarders will assist you and will recommend the options that really suit YOUR needs and requirements.
Many of other agencies run their own trips and may tend to recommend those to you. Or the resorts/camps may tend to overpromise to win your business if you contact them directly. We recommend to be very well aware of that!
LUEX is the only completely independent agency and our only goal is to make YOU happy with YOUR needs and YOUR requirements.

Best Price Guarantee
We will beat/match every price offered to you by any other agency or by the resort/camp/boat operator directly. LUEX guarantees you the lowest price and you will still enjoy the excellent service we offer. That is a LUEX’ guarantee!