Stoked is pretty much the best snowboarding game to come out in a long time. Unlike some games, which allow you to take your board off in the middle of a 200-foot air, twirl it round your head and still have time to read the newspaper before you land, Stoked keeps it real and realistic. The game is made in conjunction with the awesome Absinthe films, so I suppose we should expect nothing less. This collaboration means that you can play as any number of superstars from the Absinthe stable, including Nicolas Muller, Travis Rice, Wolle Nyvelt, Tadashi Fuse, Gigi Ruf, Romain de Marchi, Annie Boulanger and Bjorn Leines.


Check out the teaser for the game below. If you want to get your hands on this (and that Xbox of course!) Just answer this stupidly easy question (if you need a clue, read the article again you muppet!).


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