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The good people at Vestal have decided to give away a watch to one lucky Whitelines reader! Quite why they've decided to do it now, we're not entirely sure, but when there's free swag up for grabs, who are we to complain? The watch in question is their Calcutron model. It's basically a retro-inspired update of that classic 80s gadget, the calculator watch.

vestal watches

Yes, that's right, back in the days before mobile phones, people used to not only tell the time by looking at their wrists, but also work out square roots and shit. Crazy right?! Anyway, with the eighties-revival well underway, this is the ultimate cool gadget to have right now. And (as those of you who are old enough to remember these the first time round will no doubt be aware) it's still the best way of cheating in a maths exam. ;-) To get your hands on this slice of pure vintage steeze, just answer the following ridiculous easy question:


(Clue: Look at the picture dumbass!)

Oh, and if you fail to win this one, check the Vestal UK Facebook page to get involved in more comps, news and giveaways.

This competition is now closed