Yep, we've got a brand new Ride Snowboard sitting here in the office that we're going to give it away to one of our Facebook Page fans. Appropriately enough given this is all about 'social networking', this board is called the Ride Society. And it's a pretty damn sick piece of kit.

Basically a high-end all-mountain board, this has a stiffish flex and bags of pop, thanks to Ride's 'Pop Rod' inserts. Its topsheet is made out of hemp fabric infused with urethane (the stuff they make skateboard wheels out of) and there's more urethane in the 'Slimewall' sidewalls, which dampen vibrations when you're hooning it around at high speed. Oh and it looks sick as well. In fact, we like the Society so much that when ride offered us the chance to create our own limited edition Whitelines board last year, we chose a Society as our starting point.

So what do you have to do to get your hands on this awesome piece of kit? Just find Whitelines Mag on Facebook (our page, not our Whitelines Snowboarding profile) and hit the 'Like' button. Or, you could just hit the big old like button in the top right-hand corner of the homepage. And one of you lucky Likers will soon be the proud owner of this rad new board!